Weekly Kitchen Cops Report

POSTED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 1:39pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 5, 2010 - 7:33pm

NewsChannel 9's Kitchen Cops is revealing the highest and the lowest scoring restaurants around El Paso from the week of April 19-25.
First up, the Little Caesars at 12040 Socorro Road scored a 94. The kitchen here is about as clean as they come. Inspectors found just a few minor violations like a pair of dirty tongs.

Moving on now to Mi Hacienda Restaurant at 3027 Alameda. It scored a 93. Again, no serious violation here, just a few minor problems like dirty racks in reach-in refrigerator.

Next up, Cafe Alameda located at 3215 Alameda also scored a 93. Once again inspectors found a very clean kitchen here with just a few violations like black residue on a cutting board.

Now on to some of the restaurants that failed inspection, meaning a score of 69 or below. First, Eastside Cafe at 11251 Rojas scored a 67. Inspectors said hot and cold food was being kept at the wrong temperatures. That's a serious violation because it can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can make you sick. The inspector also found rotting carrots and cabbage, paper towels were missing from a hand washing sink, the stove and grill were greasy and an employee wasn't wearing a hair net around his beard as required. The restaurant passed re-inspection.

Lucky Cafe at 3831 Alameda also failed inspection with a score of 62. Violations here included cheese not being kept cold enough, food wasn't properly labeled with a preparation date, black residue was found on cutting boards, the inspector also said the walk in refrigerator's floors and racks needed to be cleaned and an employee wasn't washing their hands properly. They were seen turning off the water with their bare hands instead of using a towel like they were supposed to. This restaurant also passed reinspection.

Finally on to El Arriero Mexican Food at 4100 N. Piedras. It scored a 49. That's the lowest score featured on Kitchen Cops so far. Inspectors found problems so serious and numerous that the restaurant was required to temporarily shut down. A few of the violations included hot and cold food not being kept at the right temperature, a waitress was seen rinsing her hands in the dish-washing sink, the cook was caught sprinkling cheese onto food with bare hands and the inspector said cutting boards, a potato cutter, stove top and refrigerators were all dirty.
The manager here told us she was working to correct the problems.

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Someone needs to check the Panda Express because this weekend their floor was dirty, full of trash, their man bathroon unkept, and toothpicks all over their rail in front of the register. The restaurant had six to seven customers eating inside, and the employees were walking around doing nothing. When the corrections were addressed to one of them, I was told to leave and to have a nice day!! Hard to believe but, it happened.

These gliches were observed on or about 6:00 PM Saturday.

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