Update: Brake Masters Controversy

POSTED: Friday, August 6, 2010 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 2:46pm

El Paso - Jessica Fielder took her car into an East El Paso Brake Masters last month.  While inspecting the car, she says Brake Masters crashed it causing damage to the hood.

Brake Masters said it wasn't their fault and blamed a faulty clutch. Now, after Thursday's story, Brake Masters decided to pay for the damage.  The auto shop has promised Fielder her car will be ready by tomorrow afternoon. 

On Friday, Brake Masters faxed NewsChannel 9 a document showing that Fielder was given a rental car for several weeks, and a statement from a mechanic saying that the clutch failed from "wear and tear".

But, they tell us, in the interest of taking care of all customers, a representative delivered the parts to fix fielder's clutch this afternoon.

Attached is a letter Brake Masters sent to NewsChannel 9 regarding Ms. Fielder's case.

brake masters letter 8610.pdf862.1 KB

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This is Ms. Fielder and i was actually being nice and didn't sue for the damages but now i see i made a mistake. The damages to my vehicle took two months to repair i only had a rental car for one month and the next month had to deal without transportation. If they did their homework then this accident wouldn have happened in the first place. This incident was neglet leaving a stick shift on and getting off the car leaving it unattended is not a very responsible thing to do.

Mrs. Fielder is a whack job. I would sue this crazy, moody woman for fraud. She tried to get Brake Masters to pay for repairs they were not responsible for. Everything Mrs. Fielder said was pure heresay. Brake Masters did their homework. They provided a detailed account of what really happened. I also think KTSM needs to apologize for the negative way they portrayed Brake Masters. After all, fair is fair.

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