Understanding Digestive Health Is No Laughing Matter

Understanding Digestive Health Is No Laughing Matter

POSTED: Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 1:10pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 2, 2011 - 1:49pm

EL PASO- When dooty calls, Doctor Victoria Bowmann answers to sniff out and wipe away the problems of those down in the dumps over their digestive health.

"If our bowels don't smell good, if they smell putrid or rancid then something's wrong and that's when you become Sherlock Holmes and begin to look for a solution," says Dr. Bowmann.

This "queen of the throne" can consider herself number one in the number two business after piling up more than 30 years of experience to write the ultimate bathroom read. Bowman, an El Paso native, removes the hush from what you flush in this book titled "You Gotta Have Guts: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health".

"Some people have a problem on a daily basis and others have occasional problems, but I think everybody is interested in this topic whether or not they're willing to talk about it," says Dr. Bowmann. "We know that out gastro-intestinal track is important for the assimilation of nutrients and 40 percent of the American public has problems with some type of elimination whether it's constipation or diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome."

“You Gotta Have Guts” is full of it, as Bowmann offers the scoop on poop, detailing the human digestive system and explaining how to naturally maintain it. So your overall wellbeing won't go down the tubes.

"Our intestines are 60 percent of our immune system so the more we refortify our intestinal track, the stronger our immune system is to fight diseases and conditions that come into our lives," says Dr. Bowmann.

Bowmann advises don't hesitate to check out what you eliminate, when you drop the kids off at the pool take a look at your stool, because the proof is in the poop.

"If a person were to take just a quick glance at their elimination and notice that their stool falls to the bottom of the toilet or it looks like little hard balls, or I call it rabbit pellets or torpedoes, what's happening is, you need more fiber and you need more bacteria," says Dr. Bowmann.

Bowmann says obtain more bacteria to avoid "sinker stinkers" by eating fermented foods and yogurt. In this case, we'll call it go-gurt. She adds, when you drop a load in the commode the result should float just below the water. However, the consumption of minerals, herbs, fiber, water and oil can determine if your movements sink or swim.

"If the stool floaters above the waterline so it's bouncing up here then I know you're not digesting your oil or your fat. Or you're eating too much oil and fat. Why? Because oil floats on water," says Dr. Bowmann.

Bowmann describes the perfect stool as about a quarter's width in diameter and the length depends on the person.

"A person should have a good stool from 8 to 12 inches. It may even break apart a little bit and that's ok too," says Bowmann.

She adds, it should happen once or twice a day.

"Our dogs have dinner, go outside, take care of their business and so we know that when we have good elimination there is less of chance of other problems happening," says Dr. Bowmann.

You can purchase your copy of "You Gotta Have Guts " on Amazon.com

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Great information. Colon cancer is the #3 killer in the US. This lady is educated and will ing to talk about important things.

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