UMC Asked About Policy To Not Hire Smokers

POSTED: Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 10:52pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 4:43pm

We told you about University Medical Center's new policy that won't allow smokers to be hired. It's a move UMC says would promote healthy lifestyles of its employees. But according to the CDC, obesity is a bigger health risk factor than smoking. We asked UMC's C.E.O., Jim Valenti, if its new policy on a healthy living would extend to obese applicants.

"We're not at this time at all. Now obesity is a huge problem for the United States. It's also a huge problem for El Paso because we have diabetes and obesity issues from our children all the way through adult life," said Valenti.

Valenti says no current employees who smoke would be affected by the policy but they will provide a class to help them quit smoking.

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Still empeed's my right to do what i choose on my own time. Not only that i love how the C.E.O does not explain the details of this "class." What happens after a certain amount of time? do i get fired for not quiting?

Instead of this policy you should just tell your employees that they cannot smoke during working hours or on the premises. All this to promote healthy lifestyles and yet i see so many people in bars wearing scrubs. Isn't that a non-healthy lifestyle why don't u ban that as well.

Further more why isn't the district attorney looking into this because according to their policy they won't hire you if your a smoker at all. I know this is a medical facility but your taking the wrong approach to keep your employees and loss of talent pool for future employees. Does a doctor who smokes get penalized and doesn't get hired if he is a smoker or does he get lead way. Not only that smokers who are using a legal substance are gonna be subjecated to nicatine tests as if they...

are some drug addict. How else do you think they can control the employee(s) status of smoking. All your lost hours of your life, sleep, and in feeding your family is in jeapordy because of this policy. How degrading does a comapny have to be to say "either quit or GTFO" no matter your tenure with UMC. These smorkers need to pull together and get this policy changed becuase eventually many will lose their jobs. So what do you have to lose?


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