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Three Legged Monkey Hearing Moved

POSTED: Friday, April 9, 2010 - 9:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 12, 2010 - 10:00am

New information on a woman who was killed in a car crash last year. We now know the death of Lourdes Lopez is the reason the Three Legged Monkey hearing has been pushed back to a later date. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says employees of the Three Legged Monkey served Lopez alcohol when she was clearly drunk.

Last year Lopez drove her car into on-coming traffic killing herself. Her family says the crash changed their lives. "What are we going to do, since she's the one that works here. She does everything here. She's the one who buys all of our clothes and everything," said Julio Lopez, the victim's son.

The hearing is now scheduled to be held on May 12th.

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Alcohol is a drug, but people accept it because it brings the city money. It is no different from the other drugs that are being pushed in this city. A mother with children or anyone for that matter, we are all part of families, have no right to spend time this way. You can't take back what happened, So my prayers are with those that are still living. And may she be at rest, no longer addicted to a drug that ended her life. May she have found peace in her last moments here on earth.

I feel for the loss of the family, but there is no one else to blame but Ms. Lopez. Just because she was the bread winner of the household, now we put blame on the establishment? If this is the case, then on all the alcohol related deadly accidents lately reported in El Paso, are the families going to blame all the alcohol distributors and the establishments? Come on, get serious! Don't drink and drive...

Spoken like someone who owns stock in this "social beverage" business. She made the decision to drink, but we make the decision to keep all these bars open. Don't drink at all is my motto.

Just this weekend two more deadly related deaths caused by alcohol. People will do what they want to do, but that is why we need to stop serving to a person who has had to much to drink. The rules and regulations of a liquor license fall under these type of regulations. Miss Lopez is not the only one coming out of the TLM intoxicated, TABC has plenty more. If they cannot follow by rules they have to Pay.

Miss Lopez has left four children. The older two children, not only lost their mother but lost their two younger brothers. The older boys are very upset because the court system has taken away the two younger siblings and given them to their father who has been in Jail and back in Jail. They younger siblings live with a sister of the biological father and she does not let them have any communication. I am not a pyschiatrist but the Judge did very wrong. The four boys lived with their mother.

I feel her pain but no mother with kids waiting and depending on her at home should be at a bar getting drunk and then deciding to drive. I would never do anything to jeapordize my life and put my family through that

This place should be shut down it's always busy and the chicks that work there are way to hott

I'm fat and ugly. Who can I blame

If your fat and ugly, you need to get a positive attitude. Be fat and ugly and be proud of what you bring to others. Concentrate on what you do best.

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