Teacher Feels Pressure To Pass Failing Athletes

Teacher Feels Pressure To Pass Failing Athletes

POSTED: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 3:11pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 4, 2011 - 7:50am

EL PASO- It's rumored to happen all over the country at every level: schools giving athletes special privileges because of the big game.

But now one Bowie High School teacher says it's gone too far. The teacher says some athletes are graduating in less than a week, when they haven't earned the grade.

The teacher wouldn't go on camera with us because she fears for her job, but she says the administration at Bowie High has been asking teachers to give certain athletes passing grades so they can graduate. They are questioning and even reprimanding teachers who have failed athletes who have promising college scholarships.

And she says this isn't the first year this has happened.

We spoke with two Bowie students who say they have firsthand experience with athletes getting their grades bumped up. They wouldn't show their face on camera for fear of retaliation by the administration.

“I don't think it's fair that they never went to school and the whole semester and now they're just graduating like nothing and we had to do some hard work,” says one student.

Another student says he's friends with several athletes who have told them how they're graduating.

“There are people who are helping the sport players that are football players, softball players or baseball players who are not passing his or her classes and they are graduating,” says a second student.

EPISD tells NewsChannel 9 that all school districts across Texas are encouraged to offer credit recovery options to help students graduate. All students are provided the opportunity to receive credit recovery options.

They also say they couldn't investigate the teacher's allegations without more specific information.


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Bowie maybe but I know the other high schools dont do this at least not the high school i go to..if an athlete is failing they're are required to go to tutoring and yes sometimes the teachers will give the class extra credit ...and why is that you guys are always picking on EPISD what are we the only district in this city noooo we're not..I'm almost certain that Ysleta and Socorro do the same thing..lay off no

Many years ago,when I was a student at UTEP,we would all try to get into the classes the basketball team took because we knew it was going to be easy and with no assignments.I remember even then, the students would show up to class once or twice and they would all pass.Anyone that is surprised by special treatment given to athletes at any educational institution must be living in Lala Land.

Would these be refered to as "Undocumented Athletes"?

Duh, welcome to the real world where mediocore to failing athletes are pushed on to the next level. God forbid we should hold them back, and impact the athletic win/loss record by them not playing. It is common knowledge all across the ISD (all of them) that coaches pressure teachers to spot them the few extra points to pass, and be able to play. The sad thing is that it has the adminstration blessings at the school level, but its a primer for when they get to collega and get payoffs as well.

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