TEA Education Commissioner Visits El Paso

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 5:36pm

It was a full house today at the public education town hall meeting where newly appointed TEA Commissioner, Michael Williams addressed the public. While some had questions about standardized testing, it was the EPISD scandal that was the hot topic.

Williams did not specify what kinds of decisions the district would make in regards to the ongoing investigation of the scandal. Nor did he discuss the actions he could take as Commissioner. When asked about the the TEA's oversight during Lorenzo Garcia's tenure, there was no discussion.

State representative, Marisa Marquez attended the meeting, along with other lawmakers, and stressed the important role of forensic audits when cracking down on scandals like the one at EPISD. She urged community members to become more involved with their schools.

Commissioner Williams mentioned that he has reviewed TEA monitor, Judy Castleberry's reports and encourages her to continue offering recommendations that will bring positive changes to the district. He emphasized, however, that no options will be taken off the table without first being carefully considered.

Williams stressed the idea of local control as a way to avoid what happened at EPISD. He said local districts need to take better control of their affairs and make decisions for their own populations.

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