Suspicious Object Found In the Middle of the Road

POSTED: Friday, July 16, 2010 - 7:44pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 11:55am

Was it a bomb or not? That's a question we're left wondering after Sunland Park Police closed down a road after finding a suspicious package. The city manager says he was told it was an actual explosive, but the New Mexico State Police says it was not.

Hazmat crews blocked off McNutt Road in Sunland Park after a 5-gallon water jug on a folding chair was found in the middle of the road. Police thought it may have been a bomb so they sent in a robot with cameras to get a better look at it. When they felt it was safe enough, the bomb team moved in.

No one on the scene would tell us what was going on, instead they directed us to the Sunland Park City Manager. He told us his officers told him the jug found on the road was an actual bomb.

But the New Mexico State Police says that's not the case. They say the jug was not a bomb, and there was no liquid inside.

We were also told people who live near the area were warned by police to stay inside, and avoid the area. But again, people we spoke to said that's not the case.

When we asked the state police about this they pointed the finger, saying it was Sunland Park Police who were supposed to notify neighbors. Either way, people were surprised to find out from us, about the potential bomb.

State police say they questioned someone about the scare. The city manager says that person was hanging around the area acting suspiciously. Again, state police said that's not the case, but they wouldn't elaborate on who they were talking to or how they found that person.

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I live in the Sunland Park area and i can tell you i was not notified to stay at home by the Sunland Park police department, as i am reading this i am finding out that there was suspicions of a bomb.I also asked many other friends and family that live in the Sunland Park area and they to were not notified.

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