Sunland Park Mayor Was Drunk When Signing City Contracts

POSTED: Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 4:39pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 8, 2011 - 12:19pm

SUNLAND PARK, NM- An architecture firm is suing the city of Sunland Park, New Mexico for a million dollars.

This involves a business deal which the mayor signed. The mayor says he was drunk when he signed the papers.

Synthesis Plus, a company represented by a member of an El Paso Law Firm is suing Sunland Park.
The company claims Sunland Park hasn’t paid for an architecture contract signed by Sunland Park Mayor Martin Resendiz. Here’s the twist, in a court deposition given to NewsChannel 9, Resendiz claims he was drunk when he signed the documents. Mayor Resendiz says in his deposition”

"I didn't read the documents in detail, which really, really kills me now," says Resendiz. “This was after two or three hours of us drinking, not exactly the best time to do business, not exactly the best time to read over legal documents."

So why would a mayor sign DWI...documents while intoxicated? NewsChannel 9 went to the Sunland Park City Hall to try and get comment, but we were told the mayor, none of the city councilors, or the city public information officer were in. Taxpayer money is at stake, but no one we spoke with in Sunland Park seems angry with the mayor. In fact, they prefer to defend him.

“We are 100 percent with the mayor. We support him. I think that if he was drunk, those people took advantage of that to make him sign some papers that he did unconsciously,” says one resident.

“You know everybody does mistakes. In my agenda we all do believe the mayor deserves a second chance,” says another resident.

That second chance looks like it will have a million dollar price tag. After all, the mayor doesn't even know what he signed, because as he said...

“We were all pretty intoxicated at that point."

The mayor claims the documents he signed were not part of a contract and therefore, the city doesn't owe the company anything. We’ll let you know what the judge decides.

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Unfortunately, many people equate architects' services to a selling sign a contract and immediately pay the architect for the "design" that he might have shown you in a schematic form prior to the commission, much like buying a commodity, a vehicle, a piece of real estate or a case of booze.

Please keep us informed of the architect's response and the judge's reasoning.

Typical response! "defending the mayor" This man has no honor or respect for himself or the people he represents these people just don't understand how a city representative is supposed to behave with all these people counting on him to move that HELL HOLE forward and of course this will never happen since everyone that works for the City is in one way or another related to each other or sleeping with each other. Someone should really investigate"council members" The mayor and The Mayor further!

Big deal--guy has a few beers then signs some papers.

According to the Mayor's reasoning,if we later don't like a contract we signed, all we have to do is claim we were drunk at the time we signed it. Would the city honor such an argument regarding the contracts others have signed with them?

So, did the mayor take any action on this contract after he sobered up or did he let the architecture firm work on the project for months and then came up with this lame excuse????? So much for investigative reporting.

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