Staff At Del Sol Medical Center Vote To Unionize

POSTED: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 9:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 21, 2010 - 8:13am

Staff at Del Sol Medical Center have voted to unionize. More than 500 non-professional staff at the hospital voted and the majority chose to be represented by the Service Employees International Union.

Hospital representatives sent this statement: The hospital does not believe having a union is in the best interest of the hospital. This decision does not change our primary focus as a hospital providing exceptional care to the community."

The statement says the hospital will never allow anything to come between them and patients.

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Um yeah.. I think we are talking about healthcare not the oil industry.. And yeah I would say the owners are crooks who treat the employees almost like slaves.. Las palmas/del sol will not go bankrupt.. After paying employees fairly they will still have a profit of 20 to 50 million.. Go SEIU.. Good luck las palmas join del sol making these hospitals better!!!

Is what you say first hand knowledge? You work for this company? How are you enslaved? Can't you quit? Have you sued them for treating you almost like a slave? You want less work and more pay? Stock owners are crooks? They deserve less on their risk and investments? Is whatthewhat right?

My comment about royal shell was made in response to your assertion that HCA was the most profitable corporation in the world. READ YOUR EARLIER POST! ITS NOT ROYAL SHELL IS! thanks have a nice day.

Oh.. I'm sorry.. Next time I'll be more specific for people like you.. Seriously.. Plus if you connected my earlier post to the article like most people with common sense would then you would realize that I am not comparing HCA to Shell.. But maybe Tenet instead..gees.. Anyway.. Good luck to las palmas.. Will be there with you guys and SEIU staff this evening for support.. =) Don't let anyone intimidate you, you can't lose your jobs and the hospital will not be closing!!

Im not asking you to be more specific. Im asking you to simply be accurate!

"HCA is the most profitable corp. in the world" Thats what you said, ITS BS!

I DONT BELIEVE YOUR COMPARING HCA TO SHELL! Im saying you MADE THE ABOVE STATEMENT WHICH IS NOT ACCURATE! Please be accurate! Please use your common sense.

God is it that hard to understand what you typed was factually incorrect! Thats all im saying! Ignorant oafs such as yourself give unions and their supporters a bad name.

Today the staff of Las Palmas votes and we hope to have the same outcome. For the past month the management at Las Palmas has been intimidating it's workers with threats of lost jobs and closure of the facility. Let's hope our employees remember that these two hospitals made millions last year on our hard work. Our directors received thousands for staying under their budget by utilizing less employees for the job at hand. The only thing we received were paychecks full of lost hours. Go Union!

You are completely right about the bonus for directors. The harder they work the few employees they have the more of a bonus they get. ITS total BS. Hope you all vote the right way!

But then again the employees have made their voices heard by WINNING the majority of the votes!!! Del Sol can fight all it wants to stop them but the employees are strong and they have come together and will remain united to get for the fair treatment that they deserve.. Del SOl is a sore loser and that is why it is in the news instead of SEIU talking about this situation..

All SEIU will accomplish is to ruin a perfectly good company, raise healthcare costs and corrupt the pensions of those workers. SEIU is at the bottom of Californias deficit. I am an accountant that worked for healthcare in Califas before it was taken over by the unionists. The workers deserve the best they can get. Just be careful how you get it. Ask the healthcare workers in other states. The owners of Del Sol are also workers that have invested in the company. Are they sore losers too?

Del Sol will do anythng it can to keep it's 57 million dollars they made in profit.. They over work their employees, violate their rights by not providing them with any breaks and are all under paid!! HCA is the most profitable copr. in the world with 1 billion in profit per year! There is a poster that says "I am Del Sol" well non of the employees feel that way about working there.. it is sad that Del Sol is not willing to work with it's employees to provide them with better wages..

Just for the sake of accuracy, HCA is not the most profitable corporation in the world. Royal Dutch Shell made 28 billion last year. K thanks!

Things just keep getting worse for the health care industry. SEIU will bring this hospital down just like it has other companies. It will not add an iota of help for the workers but the union bosses will profit from the backs of everyone, including higher costs for patients.

There are pros and cons to a union. I think its up to the staff on how good or bad this turns out. You cant run to the union because your boss looks at you a certain way, etc. If they start abusing the union things will get ugly. Hopefully the union can help with the real problem for medical employees here in El Paso, the pay. They are some of the hardest worked and least compensated in the WHOLE of the country. Its really quite sad and it is about time they start being compensated accordingly.

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