Sound Off: Do you believe police furloughs are necessary to balance the budget?

POSTED: Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 8:18am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 1:46pm

We asked out viewers if they believe furloughs in the El Paso Police Department are necessary to balance the city. Here are a few of their opinions:

“City Council needs to make cuts beginning with themselves and set the example. If they want everyone to make the cuts it needs to start with them.”

“I think that the city employees, including the police department should be happy to have a job. There are many people in El Paso and everywhere who's only benefit is workman's compensation and minimum wage.”

“You only need a Mayor, you do not need a city manager. Get rid of her. Get rid of the city paid cell phones. Get rid of the useless travel.”

“The one thing that should be cut as a last resort are the most basic services. Police, Fire, Health. Cut other things before you cut that.”

“Millions of dollars are spent beautifying parks and beautifying bridges. Those are non-essential items in an economic downturn. Police are never a non-essential item.”

“The city representatives are very proud to say that El Paso is the second largest safest city. However, how can they benefit from that by giving police officers furloughs?”

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This is an old trick of politicians. The minute things get tough and the budget needs cutting, they cut police and fire department. This happens everywhere, not just El Paso. No doubt there are a jillion other places the cutting could take place other than the most necessary police and firemen. This city needs to stand back and take a look at what is happening. The waste that goes on in the city is enormous.

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