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Some Say Children's Toy has Potty Mouth

POSTED: Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 11:01am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 11:10am

They're called the "You and Me Interactive Triplets." The dolls make the sounds of what some say is, baby talk, but one of the triplets is not like the others.

If you listen closely, some say it sounds like the baby is using adult language. Marcy Lamonski says she hears it loud and clear.

"It says, 'Okay you crazy B',” Lamonski said.

So does Amy Derkowski who was shopping at Toys R Us in Horseheads, New York for her child when she heard the dolls. She says, these babies should be removed from the shelves.

"I can see kids really liking these dolls because they talk and are interactive but they can definitely pick up some bad language,” Derkowski said.

Supervisors at the Toys R Us had no comment on the issue however, an associate says the doll she heard was broken. A corporate representative says "It's mere baby babble."

Toys R Us representatives say the dolls are here to stay, even with comments made on the Toys R Us website showing that those who purchased the doll are upset and outraged. Toys R Us officials say if you have an issue with the doll it can be returned with a receipt for a refund.

Although the language has been omitted in this video, you can listen to the full sound bite by clicking here for the original story.

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