Snowed In

Snowed In

POSTED: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 6:22pm

Las Cruces got it's first big storm.  Delays and closures were the rule Tuesday.

Businesses had to decide if opening was worth the effort.  It can be a gamble.  The cost to open and not make money versus the cost of opening and losing money.  It was something bar manager Justin Merrick was willing to bet on.

" The cold weather has been an area of concern, but as for today we ran just like normal."

A few customers showed up during the lunch hour at De La Vegas Pecan Grill & Brewery.  There weren't any crowds to deal with and seats were plentiful.


Geoff Walker, who was working from home today, was more worried about the roads than the crowds.  He braved the the winter roads for Tuesday's lunch.  The fact that Walker and his buddy decided to spend some money instead of staying home on a winter's day made the restaurant's gamble a good bet.

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