Salvation Army Seeks to Provide Shelter to Homeless During Winter

Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 5:17pm

EL PASO- Homeless shelters are swelling with people who need to come in from the cold.

The Salvation Army has brought in extra cots and blankets and spreading them across every available floor space. They expect a crowd tonight at their shelter on Paisano. Many folks arrived last night as the cold wind blistered El Paso.

"He was as cold as he could be. He had one blanket around him and that was it. We tried to get him in as quickly as we could, get him warmed up with something to snack on," says John Martin, Salvation Army.

Reverend Martin says many homeless people have no idea where to go. He says if you see a person on the street who seems to be in trouble, call police or the Sheriff’s office and tell them where they can pick up that person.

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News Channel 9 I just read an article saying salvation Army is racist against homosexuality can you look into that > Im not supporting them till this is proven false. Its been going around in a link on facebook.

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