Roof Giveaway Winner Says Winning Contest Was A Blessing

POSTED: Monday, May 9, 2011 - 5:09pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 9, 2011 - 7:49pm

A Horizon family had an extra-special Mother's Day celebration yesterday thanks to Prestige Roofing and NewsChannel 9. Veronica Gutierrez, a single of mother of three celebrated having a brand-new roof, after winning our second annual Roof Giveaway contest. It's a blessing, she says, that was desperately needed.

Veronica wept with joy after learning she'd won the NewsChannel 9 and Prestige Roofing roof giveaway. Seven people live with Veronica, including four children and Veronica's elderly parents.

"The ceiling started to collapse," said Soledad Gutierrez, Veronica's mother. "We fixed what we could."

Veronica's lived here almost 20 years, and the roof starting leaking about 10 years ago.  "I've had leaks in a part of the living room," said Veronica. "I've had leaks in a part of the restroom. There's just a lot of deterioration that's in the back part of the house."

The owner of Prestige Roofing, Raul Arenas, has fixed or replaced hundreds of roofs in the Borderland. He says Veronica's roof was in really bad shape.  "It was falling apart. You would grab the piece of wood and they would fall apart and, even to take them off, we had issues because they would come in little pieces," said Arenas.

Even worse than the leaking roof, Veronica's dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Veronica worried about his well-being living at the home. The owner of Prestige Roofing says that out of the hundreds of letters that came in Veronica's story really touches his heart.

"The lady's dad being almost in hospice..... he's in hospice dying of cancer. She being by herself as a single parent, not working full time, no insurance, that prompted us for her to be the winner," said Arenas.

Veronica's co-worker, Iracema Tinoco, nominated Veronica for the prize. Iracema knew the deteriorating roof had become a big burden.  "Because I know that I wouldn't have the money to fix it, no time soon," said Gutierrez.
"The family was telling us that they were praying for something like this to happen," said Arenas. "That they didn't have the means to do the job. But thank God, there was KTSM and Prestige Roofing joining forces and doing this for the community."

Prestige Roofing gave Veronica and her family a brand-new roof in less than a week.  And Saturday, a group of about half a dozen people from NewsChannel 9 and Prestige Roofing painted the outside of the home for the finishing touch.

"It's a very special day. Believe me. Because God never sends his blessings late. Because it's Mother's Day. We receive this gift with all our heart," said Soledad.

Prestige Roofing says the new roof should last a good 10-15 years. The estimated value of the roof is $12,000.

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wow what a great service to the community how nice that there doing that its great to know we have nice people in our community looking out for the less fortunate

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