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Friday, October 17, 2014 - 11:31am

Rick Perry: Send Troops To Mexico

POSTED: Sunday, October 2, 2011 - 7:52pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 3, 2011 - 3:09pm

EL PASO - Governor Rick Perry raised some eyebrows at a campaign event in New Hampshire after suggesting that America may need to send troops into Mexico to fight drug cartels.

So what do people here in the Borderland think about the Governor's idea?

"I think it's completely absurd, because any sort of intervention that we've done in the last 80 years has essentially failed. What we need is to empower the Hispanics and let them solve their problems," Ryan Perry said.

"I think the best idea that Mexico can do is to let the U.S. help them out because obviously they can't handle the war by themselves," Ramon Hernandez said.

Governor Perry also talked about reducing the desire among Mexicans to come the U.S. Illegally. He has been criticized by the other Republican candidates for his stance on illegal immigration.

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Look it is none of the U.S.'s businesses to be there. That country allowed itself to collapse let them get out of it themselves. A civil war in that country is over due to change out the entire political system to one that will make that country great.

Our boys don't need to be over there fighting and dying for them instead they should be here to help americans civilians fight the ***tstorm our political system has created.

this so called man has gone insane

I think that sending U.S. troops into Mexico will only prove what Arab countries have been complaining for for years about U.S. involvement there - that U.S. troops cause more death and destruction-including/refering 2 civilian deaths-than they cause good. Mexico has as many Narcos as Arabs have militants however Narcos are still "civilians" therefore more prone to "hide" among civilians maximizing the risk of greater innocent casualties. Why don't we have punish drug users harsher here instd?

Is this man really stupid. We have our Soldiers in Iraq and now he wants to send the rest to Mexico. Mexico is known by there unforgiving and killing Cartal, men and women without hearts or conscience.Our Soldiers have hearts, conscience and families. First bring home all the Soldiers home, don't leave not one single one there, all of them home. Iraq don't want us(The U.S. Soldiers)there bring them home and let the Mexican Cartal kill each other off themselves.

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