Residents Say East El Paso Intersection 'Unsafe'

Residents Say East El Paso Intersection 'Unsafe'

POSTED: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - 10:14am

UPDATED: Saturday, August 13, 2011 - 10:40am

EAST EL PASO - On a Sunday night in November of 2010, a teenage boy was killed in as the Ford Taurus as he and his friends was struck by a Hummer at the intersection of Zaragosa and Sunfire in far east El Paso. At the time of the accident, many residents of the area complained about the danger of the intersection. At night, there is very little light, and a high volume of traffic on Zaragosa. That makes it difficult for traffic on Sunfire to cross safely and in a timely manner. Now, many months later, there are still no street lights and probably more importantly, no stop lights at the intersection, and some residents are not happy about it.

We spoke to representatives at TX-DOT, and they say there are plans for putting in a stop light in the intersection. However, the traffic light won't be installed until after a project to put in a new ramp connecting Zaragosa to Joe Battle (Loop 375) is complete. Work on that project isn't scheduled to begin until January of next year.

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I strongly agree on installing lights on that intersection.Everyday I pass through there and I'm so afraid I am going to get hit and I always carry my 3 babies in the car.The speed is extremely ridiculous and whats going to happen is that another family is going to have to mourn again God forbid if they dont take action.Please help in getting this story out in public!!!! Thank You Angelic (Very Concerned and Fustrated)

This comes from a city that spent months doing montana and it made a huge mistake.

How is it that a manhole cover is worse than a pothole just after Montana @ Macgruder? Its on the left hand lane heading east towards geronimo.

What is that all about? So you strip it and lay new asphalt but can't even make it flush with the man hole cover?

This intersection is so unsafe, another person will probably die before action is taken to make it safer. Try turning on to Zaragosa from Sun Fire at 7:30 in the morning!

Wow!! So we need to wait for the new ramp to be completed rather than installing traffic lights that will ensure safety for our children. I am glad that our representatives know how to balance which project is more suitable for our residential areas.

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