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Quintana Trial Underway

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 2:53pm

UPDATE- 2:57 p.m. Quintana is taking the stand to testify. A verdict is expected today.


UPDATE: 7/13/11 Quintana's former FedEx boss takes the stand to testify that he never gave her permission to sign his any documents in his name. He also claims the signature is not his.

EL PASO- Testimony's begun in the trial of a former El Paso city representative Rachel Quintana.

She's accused of forging documents to get discounted airline tickets. Six female jurors were selected this morning to hear the case.Before working for the city, Quintana worked for federal express.

The company has a contract with Southwest Airlines, where current employees can purchase airline passes for as cheap as $50. Quintana allegedly tried to use the passes in October 2007, a month after she was no longer employed by FedEx. A southwest supervisor asked for her FedEx ID to use the pass, which she didn't have.
That's when Quintana allegedly forged a letter from her former boss albert Martinez, to prove her employment.

Quintana claims Martinez truly did authorize her to sign the letter. Three Southwest representatives took the stand this afternoon one said Quintana slammed her city rep badge down and said quote "I’m a city representative and I’m not lying".

The trial continues tomorrow.

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