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Providence Opens Kids-Only ER

Friday, September 23, 2011 - 11:54am

EL PASO- For the first time ever, El Paso has an emergency room devoted to children. The Children's Hospital at Providence Memorial is opening the ER and already kids and parents are feeling better.

Hilda's 8-month-old son Emanuel wasn't feeling well this morning.

"I got scared, this morning he was vomiting and he had low energy and wouldn't stop crying," says Hilda.

This little guy had his mother rushing to the hospital, but instead of having to go to a typical emergency room, Emanuel went to part of the hospital that's kids only.

"They will have toys, friendly pictures, colors something to make them feel comfortable in their environment. Also, you don't have them mingled with older patients who sometimes can be scary or they're very ill appearing and for little kids sometimes that's really frightening," says Dr. Cynthia Beamer.

The Children's Hospital at Providence Memorial is the first to offer a pediatric-only emergency room in the Borderland.

The executive director of the hospital, Nancy Arambasick, says it's important to have a facility like this because kids aren't like adults, they have different needs.

"We have child equipment, we have the specially trained nurses and doctors and we're looking at a quick turnaround time. We don't want children to stay in the emergency department long if they don't have to," says Arambasick.

22,000 children visited the emergency department at Providence last year alone, but now they'll have their own space to be treated in.

"Kids need to feel comfortable in their environment; we want it friendly for families. It's really great that the hospital has dedicated itself to providing that kind of care,” says Arambasick.

After a few hours in the new pediatric emergency care unit, Hilda says not only is Emanuel happy and healthy again, but she feels a lot better too.

"I have a lot more trust in the hospital now. They even have programming for kids, and the area is more appropriate for kids. I am very happy with it,” says Hilda.

Doctor Beamer has some advice for parents before taking kids to the emergency room. If your child has a fever, is eating and doesn't have horrible pain you should watch the fever and give your child ibuprofen before bringing them into the ER.

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