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President's gun regulations could provide increased security at local schools

POSTED: Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 11:33pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 11:34pm

Federal money could be headed to the borderland to help beef up security in schools.
While the details haven't been publicized, schools around the country have already been updating safety strategies since the Newtown tragedy and one local school district we talked to seemed all for it.

President Obama yesterday announced his plans for gun control. In all he's pushing for 23 executive orders. One of those would make grant money available to local school districts to hire more security.

“We have our police force however if we could get added funds to hire and officers,we'd love to do it," said local school district Assistant Superintendent Pat O'Neill.

He says they've been beefing up their security and preparedness since the Newtown tragedy.

"We have district employees in plain clothes that are going out to the schools. They try and get into the building, they try and get into the side door, go through the back anyway they get into the building and walk around until they're stopped. We started this as soon as we got back from Christmas break,” said O'Neill.

Joe Castorena is a police sergeant for SISD who's been around for year, but he says recent tragedies put more pressure on his job.

"Its kinda hard because no one has a crystal ball on when somethings gonna happen.you know we take our job seriously every day. We do everything we can to make sure they're getting a proper education in a safe environment," said Castorena.

Miguel Moreno is both a parent and teacher for SISD.

"Obviously if both state governments can afford to have additional security, that can only mean positive outcomes. And as a parent, the last thing you would expect would be for any tragic event to happen while your students are at school, but I think you also have to trust that every school administrator, every teacher who truly takes the interest of every child to heart and they do everything they can every day," said Moreno.

SISD says they also implement a proactive approach with a program called Olweus, meant to nurture and mentor young students in the hopes of preventing kids from becoming young adults that turn to violence as a way to solve problems.

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