Police I.D. Murder Victim

POSTED: Monday, January 31, 2011 - 11:54am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 2:03pm

EL PASO - Police have identified El Paso's fifth murder victim of the year.

Joseph Powell, 22, was stabbed to death on Friday at the Rescue Mission on Paisano.

Emergency crews rushed him to the hospital but he died a short time later.

Clarence Roper, 50, is under arrest for the crime.

Investigators have not revealed what led to the stabbing.

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we are all sad, here in PA he was our nephew, and we thought of him as one of our children in the time we had with him.Our deepest sympathy,to you, your mother, and michelle.He was a wonderful person and raised with complete respect.I wish he would have called and told us he had nowhere, because he could have come back here to get on his feet. We will all deeply miss him. Once again , we are sorry for your lose, and the way your mother found out.

I hope this isn't the Joseph Powell I knew back at EDHS. I thought he was going to join the military after high school? Man, RIP bro, you were an awesome friend.

My nephew was no Drunk he was getting his life together. Don't judge people remeber you have family it could happen to you.

This was my 22year old nephew his name was Joseph Anthony Powell.The thing that bothers me the most we were never notified he had been murdered.How this happen! No one told us not the shelter,hospital, nor the cops.My mother had to read it on the newspaper .Then we called the shelter and they told us he had been murdered the night before .How does this happen?Something is wrong can someone help me understand how this happened.Heidi

omg dont over react...you can't compare this city with Juarez, we're not even close...what are you going to do about it....none of these murders are drug related just a bunch of drunks killing each other

lets take a stand!..or else we're gonna be known as Little Juarez!!

so wat are we gonna do about it!!!

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