Police Chief Displeased With Officer's Indictment

POSTED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 2:44pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 23, 2011 - 2:41pm

EL PASO- Today police Chief Greg Allen says he disputes the grand jury's findings regarding the incident that took place here more than a year ago.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and has been put on administrative duty pending the outcome of that criminal investigation. Police tell us last April, Officer Gonzalez and a female officer were off-duty and stopped for traffic in an unmarked car when they say 20-year-old Andres Elias Cortez rear-ended them.

The two officers got out of their car and that's when they say Cortez tried to flee and hit the female officer with his car pinning her against a wall. Police say Gonzalez told Cortez to stop and get out, but Cortez didn't, so the officer shot him in his neck. Cortez is now paralyzed from the incident.

However, Chief Allen says he disputes any findings of wrongdoing on the part of his officers, and says he fears this will have a chilling effect when it comes to officers defending themselves in the field.

The Cortez family has just released a statement saying, "We are pleased with the announcement" of the indictment and "we look forward to getting justice" for Cortez.

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Good thing he's got an honest looking face. That'll help.

Wait for the facts to come out before we jump to defend anyone...not rumors FACTS....I don't ever remember hearing what Cortez's alcohol level was???Lets be real people not all officers are angels when it comes down to it remember they all have a HISTORY/PAST both off and ON DUTY. I have family and friends in law enforcement and they'll be the first to say some of these officers shouldn't be officers the way they conduct themselves and NO they're not all the same!!!

Seems to me that Cortez already got his justice. Had the officer not reacted like he did, cortez might have been indicted for murder on a female officer. Has the cortez family thought about that? They probably don't want to because that puts little cortez in the guilt box.

I dont think there was any wrong doing by an officer shooting an individual who was intoxicated, of what im aware he ran over the female officer, it dont matter if she wasnt on duty, had the officer not shot him the paralized individual would of risk many more lives

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