Police Arrest Jogger After He Warns Drivers of Speed Trap

POSTED: Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 4:24pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 3:30pm

EL PASO- A man in West El Paso is claiming he was thrown in jail last week in retaliation for warning drivers about a nearby police checkpoint for speeding.

Jose Escobar stands at the same intersection where police arrested him last Friday. He hopes passing drivers will remember what happened that day. He says he was warning motorists that an officer was down the road...looking for speeders.

"I was running, jogging here and the police officer was giving tickets up there and I was advising the people to slow down and then he got mad," says Escobar.

Escobar says he was jogging back and forth at this intersection in West El Paso, giving people a heads up about a speed zone when the officer handcuffed him.

"I asked him ‘Why are you arresting me?’ And he didn't say nothing. And I asked him to give me a ticket. And he didn't say nothing. And just took me to jail," says Escobar.

After five hours in the county jail, Escobar paid $66 and walked out. The formal charge- pedestrian failing to yield right of way to a vehicle. Escobar says jail time for jaywalking is pure retaliation for angering a police officer.

Passer-by, Jizette Salazar says the same officer pulled her over that day asking her about Escobar.

Now armed with a sign, he's asking anyone who may have seen how he was treated that day to give him a call as he plans to file a formal complaint against the officer.

Police say right now these are just allegations by one man and no formal complaint has been filed.

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I was arrested for the same thing about ten years ago. I was at a friend's house who is located on a busy street. I noticed 4-5 police officers a quater a mile down the street pulling motorist over. I decided to hold up a sign to tell everyone to slow down. Bad idea, one of the motorist told the police that I was holding a sign warning people. I had the sing rolled up and was walking towards the house when a police officer on a motorcycle blocked the door way with his bike. He then to me to jail

One side is that was a dishonest police officer but people should know better than to speed. But some police officer are just out right deceitful and dishonest. In 1986 in Galena Park, we had seen this police officer going super fast into the neighborhood we went into. No one was home, we didn't stop so left the neighborhood. That same police officer, a mile down, was standing in the middle of Federal Road pulling people over cars, was counting his tickets.

Speed trapping is pointless any way, same with any kind of selective enforcement; how can you claim to be enforcing the law by creating the opportunity for crime?

My hat is off to Texas for having nice enough roads to "speed" on. In Michigan, the roads are so bad that it will literally beat your suspension and related parts to pieces. It wouldn't surprise me if they put in minimum speed limits to raise revenue.

When tyranny comes to your door it will be wearing a uniform. We are already living in a police state. Cops are interested in mainly one thing. Power. Cops let drugs come out of Mexico and then intercept the trucks on the trip back and seize millions in drug money every year. With that money they get bonuses, raises, new equipment and throw parties. This is a fact. The war on drugs is a lie. The war on terror is a lie. Cops know it is a lie, but it pays the bills.

It's like in Virginia there is a sign stating that radar detectors are illegal. Seems to me that anything that warns a motor vehicle operator that they should slow down should be viewed as a good thing. But apparently not, this incident being an excellent example. Speeding is one thing but the police should not enforce speeding awareness (machine or person) just to issue a ticket for money/fine the Police certainly shouldn't feel proud as if they earned it.

Is the warning of a jogger better than a ticket from a cop?

If you say that the jogger should not have warned the drivers, then you are taking away an opportunity to fear and consider the punishment (the function of law), as well as an opportunity to consider slowing down on the basis of virtue.

You're arguing that the driver should be limited in his ability to act virtuously. This programs a person to observe power, fear, fines, rather than virtue or even just well-intended advice.

Stuff like this is or has been against the law since I was a teen at least... and I am in my fifties now. There is no quicker way to get fined or arrested here in PA then to simply turn on and flash your headlights during the day time, to warn incoming vehicles that there is a speed trap ahead.

This guy warning others with a sign is doing basically the sane thing, and it's been a good way to get yourself arrested here, since at least the 1970's.... this is nothing new folks.

It's nothing new. Except your generation laid down and took it like dogs.

The El Paso LEO is a criminal.
Why? B/c he misapplied the following statutes;
Texas Tans Code 201.904, 545.351
Texas Penal Code 12.03, 12.23
Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 43.02

Note the media is complicit in the crimes against this man b/c THEY are NOT telling US the truth.

It is their job to hide the truth.

NOW you know the truth.

well he didnt do nothing wrong the city was trying to raise money hope he sues and wins then other people will do it to raise money for their bankaccounts. google average IQ for cops and read the results may suprise you.

well i hope he sues and collects what he did is not illeage and then maybe more people will do it and get arrested and put money in their pockets by suing for false arrest. if they can raise money this way we can to.

I have had so many issues with the police/sheriff deputies either abusing me or failing to uphold laws that I COMPLETELY give up on law enforcement. It is true that the most corrupt are allowed to thrive in law and politics. The icing on the cake is the EPPD officer who molested me during my childhood and tried to have sex with me. And these are people we are supposed to look up to and trust? I THINK NOT. Can someone start a formal complaints website and let us know where to sign up? F-

I tried starting a group and a website for victims of this but was threatened by the powers that be. It is sad that they have the power to silence those who only speak the truth.

Lauren Zimmerman your wording in this article is completely misleading the reader. A single cop doing his job is not a speed trap or a checkpoint.

The cop over stepped himself abusing his authority as a law enforcement officer. He should of ticketed Escobar for obstruction of justice and left it as that. He wasted more EPPD funding by processing and holding Escobar then it would have to just ticketed him.

Obstruction of justice????? Bwahahahhahahahahaha

For advising passing motorists to slow down??????

Okay so your saying the motorist that were speeding were not breaking the law? What happens in our society when you break the law? Ask yourselves those questions.

I agree with you all that what happened to Escobar was not right but he was helping people that were breaking the laws. If you break the laws then there are consequences and Escobar was assisting these law breakers. He should of just got a ticket nothing more.

So your saying in the future i can warn narcos where the BP are?

Before the states started going "Sheriff of Notingham" on their citizens crimes required damages and victims to procede. Now "victimless" crimes are the No.1 moneymaker for municipal corporations (ie. State of ____, County of _____, etc.) so they resent people who come between them and their victims.
What happens in our society when you break the law? Depends on who you are. If you're a major companies CEO you get billions in handouts and multimillion dollar bonuses. Only the poor pay.

The jogger in no way shape or form deserved any punishment. The whole point of the officer in this scenario is to slow people down. Not to raise revenue through ticketing. If anything, the jogger was making the officer's job easier.

But Escobar was not obstructing justice so the cop should be fired immediately and prosecuted for false imprisonment. The cop was just mad that one member of the public (his superior) was warning other members of the public (more of his superiors) that someone was trying to take their money.

What "justice" was he obtructing? Keeping the state from getting motorist money? If the goal of speed traps is safety the the jogger was helping the police. But this isn't about safety this is about the goventment taking money by force from people violating an arbitrary speed "limit". And the police officer's ego.

Sounds to me like gestapo statactics.

The police officer had every right to throw him in jail, it's called "Interference with public duties." And for the people that are justifying his actions- I know you think you're above the law and all, but if you would rather the police go easy and let people do whatever they want and get away with it, maybe you should go back to Mexico.

The effectiveness of the brainwashing techniques is obvious when I see people that think they are free make statements like the one you just made. Policing has gone from serve and protect to intimidate and abuse. Hardly a day goes by that fascist cops don't kill some innocent motorist with a Tazer or bullet to the head. You seem to be completely oblivious to why laws are written. Never do you hear mention the fact that the law has two parts. The letter of the law and the spirit of the law.

Usually it's only police officers who think they are above the law.

This act is considered protected speech by any sane rational individual.

I am a gringo native of El Paso and I take offense to that “Go Back to Mexico” crap. Your Racist slur is unacceptable. If the guy “J” “Walked”, then the Police Officer should have given him a ticket, that’s it. Be it known, he can wave his arms or stand there with a sign and express anything he wishes. That is his constitutional right. The day you try to take that right from us, we will send you packing and I doubt Mexico would want you.

A) I'm not from Mexico. (B) I'm a lawyer. (C) The interference with public duties statute contains the following defense: "It is a defense to prosecution under this section that the interruption, disruption, impediment, or interference alleged consisted of speech only."

If the goal of police is to slow traffic for safety reasons, and the jogger slowed traffic, then he was assisting police. The reason the officer got upset is that the goal of the police is to issue traffic tickets and collect fines. They could care less about safety. Drivers exceed arbitrarily-low posted speed limits all the time with zero impact on "safety."

The man was exercising a First Amendment free speech right. He has the right to protest on public streets. This is police tyranny.

This is freedom of speech and freedom to protest.

When cops start trying to stifle this, what will be next.

And isn't their job to protect our rights?

The jogger was trying to slow traffic down. I'd say he was HELPING the police!

Oh, wait... if the cars slowed down before the TRAP the police couldn't raise REVENUE. We all know it's about the $$$.

I seriously dont understand people now a days. I think all of this is money hungry and specially this man. Funny how this man is running in a residential area and if he had wittnessed a kid getting runned over, his complaint would have been that they are always speeding and there is never a police unit there to slow traffic down. Maybe him being taken to jail for that was a little to much but then again, what hes still doing right now shows how bright he is thinking his case is going somewhere

I sincerely hope that next time this stupid fool is "jogging" in his neighborhood he gets run over by one of his arrogant, above-the-law fellow Westsiders. Then he is probably going to sue the Police Department for not doing their job and protecting his lousy hide.

This man was wrong he should let the officer do his job because people has to respect speed limits, but I don't think he should be arrested because he is old enough to take care of him self. I always see people on streets and never saw a police officer arrest or tell them to move.

I agree with the officer100%! We are constantly asking them to do something about the people who speed and we have people like this jogger interfering. He should of gotten charged with INTERFERING WITH DUTIES OF A POLICE OFFICER!!
Now he wants to file a complaint? Boo hoo! If he was the family member or friend of someone that DIE due to speed he would be asking police to enforce traffic laws.

Again? Geez, take away their ability to steal money boxes at wedding, force oral sex from family violence victims, use marijuana, taint drug samples, have sex with minors, and God knows what else, and they harass everyone they can. When is the "chief" of police (that's dearly loved by our mayor) going to put an end to this corrupt police force?

The police officer over stepped his authority. Mr. Escobar was merely performing a public service advising people to slow down. It's his 1st amendment right to stand on a public street and say whatever he wants. That cop should be out patrolling, looking for real bad guys, not just sitting there. It wasn't a speed trap. It was a revenue trap. The cop was just there to collect money for the city. And who gets arrested for jaywalking anyway?

Its a sad day and age today when a Peace Officer is so uptight, he can't make his ticket quota, that peace goes to the wayside.

it is amazing that this "loser" is harassing the police who are there trying to slow traffic down so that his sorry butt does not get run over!!! LMAO then when he does get run over....its the police's fault for not being there??? get a job! and run on the sidewalk ignorant fool. really???

Actually, the jogger was the one performing the job of slowing the traffic down. The cop's goal is for the traffic to be faster and more dangerous so that he can collect revenue. Anyone complaining about the jogger helping obviously does not care about safety. Why do you hate human beings and want them to be hurt?

YOU ARE A COMPLETE TOOL. He has a job he has actually done very well for himself and he was jogging on the side walk. Really? you see nothing wrong with being arrested for JAYWALKING? HARASSING the police? What an ignorant comment. reallyelpaso, yes really.

This officer appeared to be in a bad mood. Did this man commit an offense that required the officer to arrest him, put him in handcuffs, & haul him down to the county jail, no. The officer needs to get his testosterone levels checked.

Please look into this more... there is such as thing as 'Contempt of Cop' which is when officer get back at citizen also this was a story on coast to coast am by George Deangelis.

Saturday June 25, 2011
Rochester native Emily Good was arrested on her front lawn for filming a traffic stop (related video). George DeAngelis, former assist chief of police in El Paso, TX, joined Ian to discuss a phenomenon known as 'contempt of cop' that often...

Host: Ian Punnett
Guest(s): George DeAngelis

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