NMSU Police: Student Died After Falling From Roof

POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2011 - 4:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 8:40pm

LAS CRUCES- NMSU Police say the NMSU student who died on campus Saturday had fallen from the roof of a building while on medication.

Police say Eric Morris, a 23-year old NMSU student, died as a result of severe head and internal injuries. While the investigation remains ongoing, police believe the death was accidental and not a result of a traffic collision.

An autopsy reveals Morris had taken a combination of recreational and prescription drugs which may have caused him to climb onto and fall from the roof of the Bull Barn.

Emergency personnel found Morris laying on the pavement a few feet from the sidewalk and directly in front of the Bull Barn. He was barefoot at the time, and there was little external injury visible.  Morris was transported to Memorial Medical Center and he was in the process of being prepared for airlift to a trauma center when he died.

Police also say they found footprint which match Morris’ on the roof of Bull Barn. Police say traces of PCP, cocaine, and marijuana were found in Morris’ blood.

Police continue to investigate Morris’ death, including the absence of his shirt and shoes. Anyone who may have seen a pair of black Airwalk-brand shoes or a black t-shirt on or in the vicinity of campus, or who may know the source of the drugs, is asked to contact NMSU Police as soon as possible at (575) 646-3311.

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Anyone who knew Eric at all couldn't possibly see him doing pcp or cocaine. I hope the whole story comes to light soon. I would hate for him to be remembered in such tainted light.

I cant agree with you more. How does NMSU police contain a blood sample prior to an autopsy anyway? NMSU is notorious for blaming the victims that die on campus of drug use. The bottom line is: NMSU is not prepared to investigate this type of tragedy. I urge you to plead with his family in getting proper answers and allowing the state police and ONLY the state police, to investigate.
Keep one thing in mind,NMSU's interest is it's own reputation. There is history of other deaths.

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