NewsChannel 9's Kitchen Cops Finds Restaurants That Are Failing and Passing City Health Inspections

POSTED: Monday, May 24, 2010 - 1:18pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 10:16am

The Department of Health gave NewsChannel 9 the inspection reports from April 4th-10th.  We took the highest and the lowest scores to feature in tonight's episode of Kitchen Cops. As usual we'll start with some of the restaurants that passed inspection.

First up, "Tacos El Charly" at 14417 Rudy Kuefner got a near perfect score of 94. There were no serious violations there, just a broken thermometer in the refrigerator.

Next we head over to "Pops Better Burger" at 619 Fabens Street. An inspector also found a very clean kitchen here and gave it a score of 91. The inspector just says she found several flies in the dining area.

Moving on now to "El Toro Bronco" at 7689 North Loop. It scored an 88. That's still considered a very good score by the Health Department.  One of the only issues here was food residue on a meat slicer.

Now let's move on to the restaurants that failed inspection, meaning a score of 69 or below. "Taco Cabana" located at 4810 Hondo Pass scored a 65.  Several serious violations were found here including, hot and cold foods not kept at the right temperature, and a cutting board and dishes were dirty. The inspector also found a box of moldy green chili in the refrigerator. A container of menudo wasn't labeled with a preparation date. Also, the walk in refrigerator needed to be cleaned. The restaurant passed re-inspection.

“Good Coffee" at 6400 Montana scored a 63. Violations here included hot and cold food not at the right temperature, some food in the freezer wasn't dated, equipment was dirty, and the inspector also said all the floors walls and ceilings needed to be cleaned. A manager here told us the problems were fixed the same day and the restaurant passed re-inspection.

“Okoli Cafe" at 10600 North Loop also failed inspection. It got a score of 62. An inspector said food wasn't at the right temperature, and an employee wasn't washing their hands correctly. That same employee was later seen touching cooked chile rellenos after handling raw meat. Also, a sanitizer bucket wasn't labeled. This restaurant also passed re-inspection.

Inspectors require the manager at any restaurant that fails inspection to immediately correct as many problems as possible. That restaurant is then re-inspected until it receives a passing score.

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Thank you for these updates it keeps our resteraunts on their toes we cannot expect perfection although in a perfect world its what we would like but i believe this helps in keeping our eateries frame of mind on keeping us in mind at all times because now they are being watched a little more carefully. kodos

just saw thanks fhero!

Is there a website that publishes these results? It would be great to be able to see a restaurant's ratings before eating there...

I really like the segments you do on the restaurants. For lack of a better term**Food for Thought**
We stopped in the Burger King on Yarbrough because my granddaughter really wanted one of the Twilight toy and was upset because they did not have any(even thought the advertised it). Unfortunately we ate there anyway. That had to have been the filthiest place I have been in! We had to use the restroom and a handle was broken on a toilet and filthy! Tables, floors all filthy.

well, this really helps me to decide where i want to eat:)

I only have one thing to say. The restaurant business is the hardest of all business. To keep a kitchen spotless is impossible as long as human beings are taking care of it. I was in this business for 5 years and the only clean kitchen I have seen was in "Patrick's Restaurant". The chef was from Switzerland and honestly you could have eaten on the kitchen floor. This place last only 1 year but believe me this chef was the best, too bad he lost the business when he went with someone else.

I want to add also that personally I do not go to restaurants anylonger, because the employees are not clean enough and of course inspections are not done enough time per year. It would take a lot of inspectors because El Paso has so many eateries, ridiculous.

just a broken thermometer in the refrigerator? Are they serving customers with Mercury tinted food?
How did the inspector passed them with flying colors?

Cold box thermometers are spring operated, not mercury operated. When dropped or jostled, the springs can become damaged, leaving the thermometer inaccurate. Most restaurants keep several new spares on hand for just these occasions.

The restaurant should indeed have passed inspection if that was the only issue found.

How many times do you get to fail before your shut-down or even slapped with a hefty fine or required for all employees to be re-certified in getting their food handlers card.

So far it seems restaurants just clean-up and pass and follow the same trend. Fail, clean, Fail , Clean, fail, Clean. I know running a business like that is hard but would you like it if your employee handled raw foods and then goes and touch your food and serve it to you?

Should be Clean, Clean, Clean, Clean ^_^


It will give you a history of your restuarants scores to see their track record. As a patron i want something that has more passes then fails and not a zig zag line between them. Thats what defines a good restuarant from a bad one.

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