Military Wife Claims Poor Housing Conditions

POSTED: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 6:49pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 6:51pm

There are concerns tonight over military housing. One woman tells us the conditions are making her family sick: floods, black mold and rust. The woman who lives there tells NewsChannel 9 that is just one of many problems she's having to deal with.

Taunya Sinha says after several attempts of trying to get help from the community management, little to no progress has been made. "Staying at my neighbor's house on the floor and we've been doing this for about a week now and no one is willing to do any of the work," said Sinha.

Just walking through the house, you could smell the mold and mildew that Sinha and her five children were living with everyday. Two bedrooms had been completely flooded. The family tried to salvage what they could but mattresses, clothes and televisions are just a few of the things that have been ruined.

"The sad part is that I'm not the only one having issues. It's everyone," said Sinha.

But she says it's not just material things that are being effected. "My boys are constantly sick," said Sinha. My neighbors' boys are constantly sick: nose bleeds, headaches, the whole nine yards; fevers, congestion and respiratory infections."

And Sinha says these aren't the only problems and it's not only her family that's struggling with them. "A lot of the military wives are concerned that their husbands will get reprimanded for what's going on, and I'm at the point where I'm done," said Sinha.

We did receive a statement from military housing management. They tell us they are taking the situation seriously. And say as soon as they found out, they say they "moved quickly to inspect and dry the floors and walls." They also say they had a third party inspect the homes and say, at the time, they found no evidence of mold.

They tell us they will continue to monitor the home.

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We live on base as well and we are going through the same problems with mold as being an issue. My son has been in and out of doctors with respiratory infections and is currently being treated for asthmatic issues. These are problems my child never had prior to us moving in our house. My husband has been having bloody noses and ocassionally spits up blood in the morning and I suffer many upper respiratory infections and many headaches. For the price we pay higher pros to come and test.

what the news also didnt shoow was all the pictures that were sent.


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