Mexican Police Release Sketch Of Suspected Target Of Juarez Birthday Massacre

POSTED: Monday, October 25, 2010 - 10:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 4:37pm

There's new information on a birthday party massacre in Juarez over the weekend that killed 14 people. Mexican government officials have released two sketches of the man believed to be the target of that attack.  The man goes by the nickname "El Raton."  Meantime, families are torn apart, and are faced with the heart-breaking task of burying their loved ones.

Today, a woman wailed with pain over the casket of one of the victim's of Friday's birthday party massacre. In all, six victims were buried today, as loved ones were overcome with grief.

Tears said a mouthful as two women hugged and consoled each other during funeral services Sunday for four other victims.

One by one, the victims were carried out of a hearse, headed to their final resting place.

Blood all over the floor -- the grim reminder of what happened inside two homes in Horizontes del Sur in East Juarez. Friday.  The victims had been celebrating a teen's birthday when gunmen barged in.

Investigators released a sketch today of the man they say the gunmen were looking for nicknamed "El Raton", the mouse.

Witnesses say the gunmen started shooting after party-goers said they didn't know anyone by that nickname. Dozens of people ran for their lives but neighbors who witnessed the terrifying scene tell us, the gunmen followed them and shot them.

"There was a party. We heard gunshots and people screaming. They killed people outside. I took my kids to a room," said a neighbor.

In the end, more than a dozen people were dead between the ages of 13 and 30.  Nineteen were injured. Children as young a seven-years-old were among the wounded.

Police have made no arrests, but they say weapons found at the scene of the shootings are typical of those used by drug gangs. Police and political leaders have promised a thorough investigation.

"It's sad that the criminals don't have any respect," said Chihuahua Attorney General Carlos Manuel Salas. "It's sad, this type of violence. How can we understand that we have a nine-year-old boy injured? How's it possible that we have two women murdered, a 14 and 15-year-old? How is it possible six women are murdered? That they only wanted to be with their friends like thousands of Chihuahua residents do.''

This is the second party massacre this year. Nearly 2500 people have been killed in Juarez so far this year.

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Even if the catch El Raton, as corupt as Mexican Justice is, he will be paraded for the media to see, and lost in the Judicial system, only to vanish (money does a lot of things in Mexico) and reappear somewhere down the road. Failed Justice/Political/Police system+FAILED STATE in dire need or a revolution.

who cares about the target of the attack! the damage has been done already. what about releasing sketches of those who did the killings! its sad that these savages are gonna get away with this

I'm with you. But I think they were already killed by the cartel. No tears here for those bastards.

uhu, tipico juarez

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