Mesilla Votes on Property Tax Increase

Mesilla Votes on Property Tax Increase
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 6:19pm

MESILLA, NM - Voters in Mesilla will decide on Tuesday whether they will raise property taxes for the first time ever in the town's existence if they approve a $1.5 million dollar bond.

The money from the bond would go to help repair the public safety building that houses the fire department and the town Marshal's. The building was constructed in the late 60's and has more than twenty code violations.

"The police department, the fire department, and the streets need extra attention and there's nothing more important than law enforcement," said Allison Apodaca who recently moved to Mesilla.

Part of the money would also go toward a new fire truck. The town has been operating with two older model fire trucks, that have cost the town about forty thousand dollars in repairs last year.

"We're having a real hard time out here," said Art Fountain who owns property in Mesilla. "People need to work and try to make a living, and I think the last thing we need is to pay more taxes."

If approved, a 10-year bond for a home valued at a $150,000 would mean residents would be paying approximately $110 more on their property taxes a year.

A 15-year bond for a home of the same value would translate into residents paying about $95 dollars more annually.

Mesilla Mayor Nora Barraza did emphasize the increase in property taxes would be an added fee and the base rate would remain the same.

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