Men's Health Magazine Says El Pasoans are Uneducated

POSTED: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 4:55pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 7, 2011 - 3:29pm

EL PASO- El Paso has received good reviews lately in Forbes Magazine and other places. Now, it’s on another list as one of the least educated cities in the United States.

Men's Health Magazine gives El Paso a D- when it comes to education. We landed in 77th place out of 100 cities. The magazine looked at high school graduation rates, school enrollment, and how many people go to college. Most El Pasoans we spoke with think the Sun City deserves a better grade.

"I believe that's a very untrue statement we have a very good engineering program here at UTEP," said Frank Ayala.

"There are always people here who do give their all in school. It sucks that those people who drop out bring us down so low," said Rebecca Moreno.

"We're a college town people come here to get educated. I don't agree with a D-. We're on the border so maybe that's why but, no. We deserve a higher score," said George Cichy.

Madison, Wisconsin placed first as the most educated city. Miami, Florida is last.

To see the complete list of 100 cities, click here.

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Well if they graded us on how many men are mechanics then we would have shined but they did not.

UTEP does have a great engineering program but seriously only two available degrees for computer information systems? Its either manager or computer engineer so you are completely lacking in the techonology side.

Yah your doing really great UTEP *sarcastic thumbs up*

A college town?! El Paso?! No one lives in a dorm, everyone commutes to school, people do not come from out of town to go to college in El Paso. Unless you count Juarez as out of town. Try ASU, Texas A & M, UT Austin, USC, Notre Dame...any other Ivy League University. There, are you college towns.

There are *your college towns. Misspelling.

For once, I have to agree when the writer of this article clearly doesn't know the difference between a possessive and a plural. I also spot a missing comma and a misplaced comma. I'm a better writer, and I'm still in college - thankfully not in El Paso!

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