Men and Breast Cancer

POSTED: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 10:27am

El Paso Man Tells His Story of Survival

We found the Convention Center full of pink this afternoon, the now familiar color that urges people to know the facts about their own bodies. A couple of thousand people were here, many of them affected by breast cancer either personally or through the illness or loss of a person they love.   They enjoyed a fashion show...first with young models who look like they ve beeen there before.....then six breast cancer survivors, each one escorted by a doctor who helped cure them.  This is how we met Mario Atayde, a 60-year old El Paso man who's been through quite an ordeal. It started one morning last year as he stood in the mirror.

 "It was a lump. It was under the right nipple. and it kept growing and growing and growing, and I had to go see the doctor and when he saw it he was kind of scared too, so he sent me right away to get my exams and everything, to make sure what's going on"

"You don't have words when you hear it, when they tell you you have cancer. you think is this the end or what?"

Mario Atayde has much to live for...children, grandchildren, a cherished wife and all the golden years ahead. He had acted just in time. The cancer hadnt become terminal but doctors did have to remove his right breast.

And how is his body today?  "Well, you look in the mirror and you see it and you say, well, I'm alive"

He's not a many of many words but he urgently wants to speak to men who like to ride out a serious medical condition.

"It's just to leave your macho things to the side, and if you see something wrong with your breast, go right away to your doctor, because life is too good and its real beautiful"

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Rest in peace Uncle Mario, this second time you were not able to win the battle with cancer. You are still my hero. I Love and miss you...

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