Memorial Held For Two Women Killed In Crash

Memorial Held For Two Women Killed In Crash

POSTED: Thursday, January 20, 2011 - 10:40pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 29, 2011 - 8:26am

Dozens of family and friends came together Thursday night to remember two young women killed in a car crash. Both were victims of a possible drunk driving crash in Far East El Paso. It happened Wednesday night on Lee and Turner.

Police say Arturo Vasquez was driving a Dodge Charger around 2:00 a.m. Thursday near the intersection when he slammed into a Chevy Aveo.

Evalynn Rose, 21, and Jeannette Lazaro, 21, were two of five passenger in the Aveo. Both women died at the scene.

Thursday night, dozens of people gathered at the site of the crash to pay their respects to the lives they say were gone too soon.

In a crowd of dozens in East El Paso there was only the sounds of sniffles and the sight of tears. They all gathered at the spot where two young, vibrant women Evalynn Rose and Jeannette Lazaro, both 21, shared their last moments alive.

"They were both just the girls you wanted to hang out with. They were always there for everybody," Jeanette Lopez, Rose and Lazaro's best friend, said.

And they were there for each other that night, not only in death, but as Evalynn was celebrating her 21st birthday.

"Them together, were like peas in a pod. You find you see one, the other one's right next to him," said close friend Kayla Owens.

But the celebration was cut short after a night of drinking that went too far.

"It took someone else to come and take them away from us. Right now it's just so sad," said Jeanette.

Not only do police say their driver, Gabriella Delgado was drinking but also Arturo Vasquez, the man police say hit them.

During the memorial, the crowd prayed about "errores", Spanish for "mistakes"...mistakes that could have been avoided and consequences learned much too early.

"You don't want your family, you don't want your mom to wake up to a text, knowing you're not here. That's the greatest lesson," said Kayla.

Police arrested 21-year-old Arturo Vasquez. They say this is his second DWI. Charges are pending against the driver of the Aveo, Gabriella Delgado.

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Passed. Its a tragedy. But being ugly isn't going to change it. And marijuana possesion really. Everyone smokes pot get over it! That has nothing to do with the persons quality. He's a great guy and I'm sure he regrets every minute of it.

How can you speak so ugly about another human being. Its not like he murdered them in cold blood. He's only human he's not perfect. And he's a good guy despite popular belief on this stupid little blog. I'm sure everyone on here have done things they wish they could take back or things they regret. I'm sure he feels like crap for what happened. I'm sure it hurts him a lot. He doesn't need bashing from random people. And my heart goes out to the familes who are suffering the losses of those who

multiple arrests for marijuana possession and DWI yeah, your brother is a straight shooter.

2 of 2: guilty or not.. theres reasons why laws are passed on Drinking and Driving.. kinda scares me cause I can be a victim also even if i don't drink! then at 2:15am.. he hit the back end.. so she was well into the street had ur brother been aware or looking maybe he could of reduced his speed and maybe veered off?.. her too, shes at fault.. I think they said it best.. shes gonna have to live w/ that decision she made that resulted in the death of her friends for the rest of her life..

1 of 2: sad situation all the way around.. poor families on both sides.. yeah he had the right of way but you'd think he'd learn his lesson after the 1st time.. so he took a chance and look at what happen.. guaranteed jail time.. so Mr.Vasquez get your brother mentally ready for TDCJ cause thats where hes going. M.A.D.D. will be all over this.. thats the reality of the situation. The other driver is gonna get probation and I believe TABC is going after the establishment that served her last.

Umm hello what about this girl? She was underage. What bar was she at consuming alcohol? Investigate that! She held those girls lives in her hands and she will have to face the jury for it I hope. Also they two that passed away were not wearing seat belts. It's all a series of events that lead up to this. Don't blame just the person who hit them. He played a part but was not solely responsible. It's easy to blame a stranger in this case rather than the friend who was driving them.

I've seen so many reports about this and it's all been fairly one sided. I agree the driver of the Charger is at fault to some degree. If he wasn't speeding could the outcome of the accident resulted in no deaths? Perhaps. Speed kills. But, what I don't get is why the female driver is not being thrown to the wolves? She had no business driving or drinking at a bar. I read a report that the male driver is being investigated by TABC to see where he was that night.

Ok this goes out to the idiot that just posted umm he was not the only one drinking n driving not to defend his acts but the only ppl who are at fault are those who didn't wear seat belts point.....maybe if they were sober enough they would of buckled up n still be alive sorry but its a fact seat belts save lives

i have never drank and driven before EVER. this goes out to the brother of the one of the drivers involved in the car crash. basically what youre saying is that its okay for your brother to drive drunk as long as he follows the rules? WRONG. he should not be on the road at all. especially if he knows drinking and driving is wrong and this is his second dwi. face it, he didnt hit anyone the first time, but he did this time. he needs to live with his mistake.

Ok I've had enough of the arguments everyone here should just stop. Ok first of all yes everyone involved in the accident was drinking. Now how many accidents are there out there where ppl have lost their lives when not a drop of alcohol was in their system due to wearing no seat belts. Now yes its a shame two young girls with there whole life ahead of them lost their lifes, but whos fault is it really?? The car who yeilded the car who didn't stop or the ppl who didn't wear their seat belts???

All I am reading here are igonrant people, liked someone said b4, there is only one judge, apparently most of these writers are very young kids that also go out partying and are trying to heal the tragic loss by finger pointing. I agree that there should be harsher punisments to DWI's, it doesn't change the fact that Delgado was an underage drinker, and the birthday girl wanted to get drunk on her "21" birthday, and to make it worse, no freaking seatbelts, that is where the ignorance comes in.

its not about pointing fingers, its about having respect and having a heart, to the families who lost their daughters. we should have better laws were people who drink and drive are not on our streets. why do people who have their second or third dwi are still driving. this should be something that the police should take care of. i really feel sorry for both all the people who were involve in this accident. God Bless you and may help you ease your pain.

I fully understand the pain of family and friends of those involved in such tragic accident. The truth is that according to the news ALL OF THEM had been drinking. Regardless of who will be held responsible and charged for the deaths of these girls, I'm sure both drivers will have to deal with the guilt for the rest of their lives. So many lessons to learn.

You’re right, you are right… it is a damn shame and a horrible loss, but these girls are resting in a better place. And yeah I could imagine is she did hit a car carrying a child, but for right now the media is using my brothers DWI as the scapegoat. Imagine if he did not have that DWI title… Delgado would be the center of attention, it’s just how the world is, and somebody has to get blamed. You have to have an immaculate record, and sometimes that doesn’t even help the situation...

honestly i have no respect for them it was there falt same as the guys fault, yeah they got there punishment sooner but no one would have been pointing fingers if she would have ran into a car with a child inside. People should start realizing there are consequenses for there actions and i honestly do hope that she gets charged with this too because its not only his fault.

It was not my brothers fault... he didn't have to make a stop... he didn't have to yield on what was his RIGHT OF WAY. He didn't swerve into them or cut them off. What he did do is drive right into a car that was being driven by an underage drunk girl. If she remembered how a stop sign worked, my brother would have driven on by. But now he's being blamed for something that was not his fault... nobody told him, "hey, your going to drive into a car full of drunk girls..."

your brother will be 2 scenarious both involve your brother who was speeding, drinking, and 2nd time arrested being charged with 2 counts of involuntary manslaughter. The other includes both of the drivers sitting on the stand. Condolences and prayers go out to all the families involved. but really check yourself if you are "relieved" by the fact 2 girls were killed.

Sorry, not going to happen... and the "relieved” statement you just put, just goes to show me how intellectually challenged you are. Nowhere did I say I was relieved over the 2 girl’s deaths, because I’m not, it’s a damn shame… however I ‘am relieved and thankful that it was not my brothers fault. And as much as you clowns want it to be, “THE RIGHT OF WAY”, is on his side.

Honestly, why are you even talking about the situation at all. What took place is very unfortunate but let the course play its part. Both sides are at fault with the situation but there is no need to be disrespectful at all. I know that is your brother and your family is hurting as well but my little cousin was one of the passengers in the backseat that survived and now is struggling with everything and she is going to have a long rode ahead and so is everyone else involved.

avasquez0160 you are a complete tool. You posted the same message on every news site in a plea for attention or redemption for your brother. "i know drinking and driving was a bad thing BUT" Its both of their faults. one didnt yield the other was speeding down a road at 2:15 am while being impared and recieving his SECOND DWI! the only thing to prove here is that there should be stricter penalties for the first DWI, seems only action is taken once someone is killed. I promise you this

Way too late to point fingers. The fact of the matter is, that everyone was drinking and both drivers HAD been drinking. 1)Mr.Vazquez should NEVER be given the opportunity to drive again, drivers license revoked and go into re-hab for his addiction to alcohol, buy him an annual bus pass.TWO DWI's is 2 too many. Let's not forget speed WAS a factor! 2)Ms.Delgado will probably pay with jail time and have to live with the fact that her bad decision that night,led to the loss of her two friends.

My brother will get the chance to drive again, and another chance of living his life, and there is nothing, nothing that you or anybody else can do about it plain and simple. The fact that all you people except the one's that are not lacking common sense are acting like they have never gotten behind the wheel, drunk, or buzzed, after a party. If the DWI title wasn’t attached to my brother’s name, everyone would have been focused on Delgado, plain and simple. My brother is innocent, period.

guys enough with the arguing.the only one who knows who was guilty in this situation is GOD. yes most young people nowadays drink & drive & we all know that even if people repeat it , or even if our parents say,"dont drink and drive".. do we ever listen? no. So stop with the BS and consider that there's two girls that died that night.keep them in your prayers because its really sad and hurtful to hear that someone is no longer here "(. & even if you dont know them show respect at least 4 the fam

My condolences go out to the families of the two girls that lost their lives that night; a horrific event like this should have ever taken place, but they are in a better place now. Nonetheless, I ‘am thankful that my brother Arturo and Kenia are okay, and relieved that they are not responsible for this horrible crash. Furthermore the fact that they did not receive life threatening injuries after a car wreck like this, is a miracle in itself.

Shame on KTSM and all other news websites for allowing these comment sections on articles pertaining to tragities that are still in the process of being investigated. It opens up a free-for-all finger-pointing battle while there are grieving friends and family who dont want or need to read such negativity. Yes we are entitiled to our opinions, its our constitutional right as Americans but come on people, use discretion and have some heart.

It sad for all the parties involved. Reminder to please, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. In this case, DO NOT DRINK AND GET IN A CAR WITH SOMEONE WHO IS IMPARED. Thats not to say that even if they did have a safe ride home that a drunk driver wouldnt hit the car you're in. Both parties involved were drinking, whether it was their 1st or 2nd DWI or getting in the car drunk, 2 lives were lost. Very upsetting and sad, justice will be served and even then it might not be the justice we want.

Funny how they are now considered victims. They were also drinking and no one forced them to get in a car whose driver was also drunk. Their family will do everything to make the other two drivers into the "evil villains" when in fact their daughters were just as guilty.
Unfortunately they paid for their mistake with their lives.

Thank you for calling it like it is... the media made my brother out to be the enemy, when he wasn't. Thank you...

You need to get a life and think of how ALL the familys are suffering right now and keep your comments to yourself..This is un called for... Maybe if the other party would have STOP at the stop sign this wouldnt of happened.. But lets not point fingers !!! Just hope and pray that the other girls make it instead of pointing fingers..

You need to get your facts straight...The driver of the charger didn't need to stop. It's a two way stop, not a four way. The girl driving the Aveo failed to yield the right of way to the charger. So NOW lets stop pointing fingers.

Thank you for stating the facts... I appreciate it.


I ‘am related to that boy that was driving the charger and I do not appreciate the fact that you are referring to my brother as an idiot. Half of everyone posting comments and making my brother out to be the villain is quite hypocritical, being the fact that most of you act as if you haven't drank and driven before. The investigation is over and the facts have been revealed, and they clearly show Delgado was at fault, not my brother.

ur brother is as guilty as Delgado. the fact that he got behind a wheel for a 2nd time DRUNK makes him as guilty as the other driver. he was SPPEEEEDDING! and DRUNK! that makes him as guilty as the other one. he obviously did not learn his lesson about not drinking & driving the first time, which shows arrogance and cannot blame others for judging and callind him an IDIOT, after what he could of avoided! My prayers go out everyone involved, may justice be served! good luck

elpaso79912, you hit it right on the spot!& vasquez, ur brother IS an IDIOT! Anyone who DRINKS, DRIVES, SPEEDS & KILLS is nothing more than that,to say the least. His 2nd DWI??IDIOT!He obviously did not learn his lesson the 1st time.Why?IDIOT!What is he going to do now, go celebrate it was not his fault, get drunk and drive again? probably, based on ur comments and attitude, IDIOT!Get him HELP if U CARE!I've never drank, so im proud to say IM not an IDIOT!My prayers for him & Delgado. Good luck!

You can label me an idiot all you want... you can label my brother an idiot all you want, furthermore I highly doubt you have ever drank in your life. So pardon me for stating the facts, and the fact is my brother is not guilty, he’s not; Guilty of DWI, but not guilty for killing those girls. My brother has the best support out there, thank you.

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