Mayor Cook's Request to Stop Recall Denied

POSTED: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 3:55pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 10:54am

EL PASO- Another set-back for El Paso Mayor John Cook as an appeals court denied his request to stop the recall election against him.

The Eighth District Court of Appeals says they're withdrawing Mayor Cook's request to have the recall election thrown out.

As we've been reporting, petition signatures have been varied and attorneys Theresa Caballero and Stuart Leeds who represent the man leading the recall campaign. Pastor Tom Brown, say they are not surprised Mayor Cook's appeal has been shot down.

"Since you knew in advance that a recall election would be the likelihood result of you overturning the will of the people, the cost of this recall election is now on your back. The cost of the recall elections will be enormous," says Tom Brown.

The recall election could cost anywhere from $300,000- $900,000. As of now, the recall election for Mayor Cook along with City Representatives Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega will take place as early as May.

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Mayor crook just needs to resign to avoid being booted out in the recall election.

The mayor, local newspapers, and tv stations have said it is a partner benefits issue. They are hiding behind the partner benefits because there is no way to explain how an elected official can throw out votes. Dictator Cook insists that he decided to go against 40,000+ voters because SOME "School Drop Outs" did not know what they were voting for....this is a very lame excuse for Cook doing what he did. IF,Cook would have stuck to our Democratic Principles, he could have avoided the Recall.

Dictator Saddam, of Iraq, destroyed the oil wells before he left Kuwait...U.S.Armed forces and other nations kicked him out of Kuwait. Now,Cook is being kicked out of office and he is destroying City Funds (for recall election)before he also gets kicked out of office for going against our United States Democratic Principles. Cook is also like Dictator Kadhafy because he has "entrenched" himself and does not want to resign his post. DO US A FAVOR COOK, RESIGN, RESIGN!

Pathetic Pastor Brown and his cronies doing the devils work for him .Embarrassing really.

It is sad that Mr Brown can initiate an attack using our system to advance his bigoted, NON-Christian views, and then blame the cost on the mayor. The mayor and city council were right to reverse that decision, because the proposal on the ballot was so poorly worded. It was a deliberate (and successful) attempt mislead voters as to how they were voting. Put it to the vote again, in clearly stated language, and take away the public stage for Mr Brown to spread his hateful propoganda.

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