Man Dies From Untreated Toothache

POSTED: Monday, September 5, 2011 - 1:04pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 10:58am

CINCINNATI, OH- A 24-year old man died last week from a tooth infection. While it could have been prevented, it serves as a reminder of just how dangerous an untreated minor infection can be.

"I was like, what? What are you saying to me?" says Patti Collins.

Patti Collins, who you may recognize as Bootsy Collins wife, is holding her nephew's six year old little girl and talking about her reaction when a relative told her what happened to 24-year-old Kyle Willis. No one could believe the young father, an aspiring paralegal, died from what started as a toothache.

"I said what do you mean they're calling the family? She said mom, the infection he had in his tooth has gone to his brain," says Patti.

Kyle’s wisdom tooth started hurting 2 weeks ago. It needed to be pulled, but Kyle was a single father, out of work, and out of health insurance. He hoped the problem would just go away, but then he started getting headaches and his face began to swell.

So he went to the ER.

"They gave him antibiotics and pain meds but he couldn't afford to pay for the antibiotic so he chose the pain meds. And that was not what he needed," says Patti.

Doctors told family the pain had stopped, but the infection kept spreading. It eventually attacked his brain and caused it to swell, leaving his family devastated and little Kylie without a father. Patti says they want to make sure this never happens to anyone else.

"He should have gone to the dentist to take care of the toothache and it wouldn't have escalated to this. It's a lesson learned by all," says Patti.

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I am reading the comments and one that really stood out was the individual speaking upon his expensive t-shirt, sunglasses, I-Phone, etc.....It is so amazing How people judge someone they do not even know. It stated he was out of work, NOT never work. So did you ever think to yourself that maybe he bought these things when he was working! Just because you do not work do not mean you have to walk around and look homeless!!!

Maybe, while employed, purchasing a medical plan would have benefitted more than the Smartphone, sunglasses, and expensive t-shirts.

Not everyone knows the dangers that can happen from a tooth infection, not only can it damage the brain, but also the heart. In my opinion the hospital staff should have made it clear to him and administered the antibiotic. In so much pain I would have taken the pain pills first, "The pain is so unbearable" that I myself wanted to get the tooth out with pliers, I thank God that my Dr cared enough to refer me to a dentist that would remove the tooth. Short on oral surgeons had a 3 mo wait period

HELLO!!! Wow the mindset of all of the idiot Liberals around here...My Lord!!! The guy CHOSE pain meds over antibiotics....any idiot knows antibiotics are $4 at Wal-Mart of course in Cincinnati they may not have Wal-Mart because Ohio is a Liberal state that HATES Wal-Mart. Stupid KILLS....just say NO to STUPID!!!!

The hospital could have given him a shot of antibiotic and given him a bottle of the antibiotic, because the meds. they give at the ER. and don't use it all the ER nurse just throws it in the trash, I know my mom was an L.V.N,R.N. and unit cord.Shame on the Hospital and the E.R. Dr. and E.R. Nurse

Emergency rooms are seldom licensed as dispensing pharmacies which means at most they could give him an immediate dose of pain or anti biotic meds, bet a single dose wouldn't have changed the outcome. Sadly money has become more valuable than a human life in America.

This guy had on expensive t-shirts, expensive sunglasses, and lets not forget the SMART phone in his looks like he had the means to buy antibiotics just not the desire to buy them....this has nothing to do with Tea Baggers or Obama care...this has to do with fiscal responsibility.

How is it that a hospital would give a man a choice between painkillers and anti-biotics when they knew that he would die if he didn't have the latter? Unbelievable. Was the cost of
an antibiotic worth a man's life?

go to canada, everyone has insurance, is healthy and rarely miss work!

Canada...Sarah Palin's Parents went There to get FREE Treatment .

There you have it. A man withoutinsurance to see a dentist or pay for anti-biotics.
And now the Tea Party is complaing about Obama-care, when people are dying every day for lack of medical help. The tea partiers are a bunch of psychopaths-people without a conscience. They care less about the suffering poor, than their own bottom line. Which is not at the bottom, but at the top. It's a greedy and avaricious line at the top of the human pyramid. A real Christian cares for the poor, and the needy.

Yes, he should have taken care of it in the early stages. If he didn't know that, I'm surprised he thinks he can pass in paralegal school. What really surprises me is that the emergency room didn't give him the antibiotic regardless of his ability to pay that very minute. He could have paid for it a little at a time. It's hard to believe that NO ONE, either family or dentist or hospital emergency room, explained to him the possibility of death since the infection was so close to his brain.

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