"Makeover For Mom" Winner Raised 10 Children, 8 Of Them Adopted

POSTED: Friday, May 6, 2011 - 6:27pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 10:35am

After hundreds of submissions, our "Makeover for Mom" winner has been revealed. The contest consisted of a makeover from head to toe, including Botox, teeth whitening and personal training sessions.

Our winner showed off her brand-new look at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in West El Paso. We talked to nine of her children prior to her reveal.

Talk about a full house!  Imagine raising 10 children: 2 biological kids and 8 adopted ones, ranging from five years old to 23! That's what Teresa Martin has done. She serves in the National Guard, so her husband Tim and her daughter, Jordin, a full-time student, also help take care of the children at their West El Paso home.

"There's 8 kids and we started out fostering when I was 9 years old in San Antonio and it just became too hard to let the kids go back because you get really attached really fast," said Martin.

So the Martins started adopting once they moved to El Paso. Their family grew and grew to include six boys and two girls.

First came Briana, 15, adopted when she was 11 months old. Next came Ellie, 11. She was adopted when she was two year olds, along with her brother, Christopher. He was one year old.

Next came Adam and his twin brother, Noah, from Amarillo. The Martins adopted these boys when they were eight months old.

And three more siblings would join them from Lubbock. Paul, who's now seven years old, Trae who's six years old and T.J., the youngest, who's five years old.

"We have a system worked out, where it's three parents in the home," said Jordin. "It's my parents and me and somehow we're able to make sure everybody get to where they need to be."

When Jordin heard about NewsChannel 9's "Makeover for Mom" contest, she thought that's exactly what her busy mom needed.

"It takes a lot of work to keep our household running and my mom does a lot of it," said Jordin.

Jordin says she was thrilled to find out her mom would get the pampering she certainly deserves.

"I called my mom and I said, 'You're gonna be so happy you answered this phone call.' And she was so shocked. She was so surprised," said Jordin. "She's gonna get Botox done on her face and fillers, teeth whitening. She gets her hair done."

On top of that, there are many more presents and surprises in store as part of the "Makeover for Mom" contest. Jordin hopes this is a Mother's Day present her mom will never forget.

"This is a nice Mother's Day to herself and to be taken care of and to know that we do appreciate her and everything she's done for us," said Jordin.

Teresa got Botox and fillers from El Paso Cosmetic Surgery.  She got her teeth whitened by Dr. Rick Ponsford. She got her hair cut and style and a manicure and pedicure from Westend Hair Salon; a brand-new outfit from Tres Mariposas; a Pandora bracelet from Johnson Jewelers; eight personal training sessions from "Chad's Gym"; a flower bouquet from Kern Place Florist; a cookie bouquet from "Cookies by Design"; a dinner for four at Great American Steakhouse; and a professional before-and-after photo shoot.

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Are you sure these adoptive parents are for real, or living vicariously? My boyfriend was sedated, semen to produce two twin boys now six years of age, without our authorization? My relatives Bobbie and Tim exploit us for Insurance fraud. They used our cell phones, and property, how long is this been going on?
She lied to my son Ryan and told him she's his mom, and my grandson? I haven't met yet. Then she lied about a three year old girl born 3/4/13 rescued in a Kentucky storm? I believe

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