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LCFD Celebrates "Fire Prevention Week" with Safety Tips

LCFD Celebrates
Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 9:26am

LAS CRUCES- The theme for this year’s National Fire Prevention Week is “Protect Your Family from Fire,” so the Las Cruces Fire Department is spreading the message by offering safety tips that can be used by everyone.

• Install and maintain smoke alarms near every bedroom in the house. Test regularly and change the battery at least once a year.
• Consider building, or retrofitting, your home with an automatic fire suppression or sprinkler system.
• Cooking and smoking are two of the leading causes of residential fires so take necessary safety precautions when doing either inside or near your home.
• Create a fire escape plan and ensure that your family knows what to do, and where to go, if there’s a fire.
• Teach all occupants the “Stop, Drop and Roll” method.
• Minimize clutter in and around your home.
• Keep matches, lighters and candles in an area unreachable by children and teach kids that those items are not toys.
• Keep all flammable items and liquids away from heat sources.
• Do not overload electrical outlets.
• Visually inspect electrical power cords and watch for any cracks or damages.
• Keep and maintain fire extinguishers in your home and garage, and ensure that occupants know where they’re stored and how to operate them.
• Never dial 911 from inside a burning home or structure. Evacuate the building and call 911 from a safe location away from the fire.
• Teach children how to dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

Fire Prevention Week kicks off October 9th.

For more fire safety tips visit the Las Cruces Fire Department’s website at

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