LC Man Accused of Sexual Contact With 10-Year-Old

LC Man Accused of Sexual Contact With 10-Year-Old

POSTED: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 11:47am

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 10:20am

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - A man accused of having sexual contact with a 10-year-old girl was arrested on felony charges of criminal sexual penetration of a child and criminal sexual contact of a minor.

According to Las Cruces detective, Oscar Oropeza, 32, attended a gathering hosted by the little girl's family on Friday, Feb. 3.  Because Oropeza had been drinking alcohol he was allowed to spend the night at the family’s home. 

Detectives learned that at some point during the early-morning hours of Feb. 4 Oropeza went to where the girl was sleeping, picked her up, and carried her to a bedroom. There, Oropeza is alleged to have had sexual contact with the young girl. Soon after the girl told her parents what happened, Oropeza was ordered to leave their home.

Oropeza was arrested Monday afternoon and is being held at the Dona Ana County Detention Center.

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This man has 2 daughters how can he do this to another person's daughter. This is just wrong.

in all its just gross people do this to childern or "make up stories" like this or accuse people for somthing not true...and if people like you PATELINI know think or see or hear signs of CHILD ABUSE SEXUAL ABUSE MENTAL ABUSE WATEVER TYPE OF ABUSE and do not report it YOU are as gulity as the person doing this to the child for keeping ur mouth me it dont matter who the hell it is i would report it dont care if its a mom dad sister grandma who ever even a "FRIEND"

if u know so much about this then y dont u contact the police urself if this man is so not guilty then insted of writing here go help him and if u knew other things inregards to this like lets say the parents are at fault of this disgusting case and u kept ur mouth shut and never reported anything then u lady are up for going to jail too

It is sad that cases like this invoke such defense for the man being accused of a horrible crime. People... think about the litle girl first. Patelini, if this man were my "friend" I would be very cautious about bringing him around my child. You honestly believe that the little girl does not have the right to accuse this man of not only molesting her, but PENETRATING her... that is so horrible! She will forever remember her first sexual encounter with this fat drunk man that her family trusted!

Look Peddles I know a hell of a lot more then you do about the case so you should really get your facts straight before you stereotype someone. I will not disclose anymore cuz I do not want to jeopardize the case, but I will tell you this there is NO indications of penetration or rape to the child. Soon enough it will all come out and the poor "victims" will be the once behind bars for lying to the police for covering up what they did.

well point here is the parents are not responsible at all by strating with letting people get drunk at there house its a home not a bar...two the guy is a moron if he knows he gets drunk like that and cant just be a social drinker then he should not drink at all...and if anythin did happen to the lil girl then a physical exam will show...i dont know why a lil girl would lie about somthing so gross tho...and again patelini ONE REALLY NEVER KNOWS SOMEONE

I really think that the media, News stations, and News Papers should get there fact straight before ruining someones life. None of these charges are even true they are only made up allegations.

I am not blaming it on anyone but I do know for a fact there is no proof as of yet just
allegations.I know more information then is being said on the news and paper so yes I believe he did not do it,and I know the "victims" family can't get there story straight.There is many different versions on the police reports that don't match up. Any real mother or father would not have just let him walk out just like that, then report it two days later.Now you tell me if that isn't horrid and disgusting!

Ya well its horrible to assume someone of something and not have the correct facts on what really happen. I am not putting the blame on her either but the fact of the matter is their are many ways you can look at the story and wonder what could have really happened. I know his man and know he is incapable of hurting anyone. I also know other things about this case that just don't add up. Kids now a days lie you just never know what they will say to get attention.

I agree with u Newser... it is disgustiing to read wat the comment above yours say....and it sickenss me so much when people use alchol as a excuse for there horrible actions...if a person has emotional or mental problems then they should not drink...why would a child go to a room where there is some fat ugly man smelling of booz...i just pray the lil girl is ok and the parents learn a great lesson and maybe they will stop drinking too...

Well like I said no one knows the full truth just what is said on the news and paper. I believe everyone is deserves to have a fair judgement incited of being stereotyped as a deviant. But then again everyone is in title to there own opinion and this is my opinion and my theory.

omg how very glad this lil girl spoke out...the parents here have a fault would have been a good idea if they let this person spend the night they should put the daughter with them in the same bedroom...

I know Oscar for many years and know he would NOT do this to anyone being in his right mind. I don't believe he was in his right mind being he was drinking all night with these people. At 1:08 they were still up drinking as the mother posted on Facebook from her phone. Who's to say the child didn't go into the room were he was at? I just can't make any sense of it because I have seen him drunk in a few occasions and know he can not hold himself up very well let allow carry anyone to another room

Patelini, people have said the same about Jerry Sandusky. Child molestors don't wear a sign on their head. And for you to insinuate that the fault may lie with the child is absolutely horrid and disgusting. Just because you've known him for many years means nothing about what he does behind closed doors.

i totally agree

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