La Tuna Confirms Lockdown After Inmate Hunger Strike

POSTED: Monday, April 12, 2010 - 4:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 9:38am

La Tuna Federal Prison in Anthony, TX, was placed under a lockdown last Tuesday because prisoners refused to go to the dining hall, said a prison spokesperson Monday.

NewsChannel 9 broke the story over the weekend after several concerned staff members called and told us about the situation.

Inmates went on a hunger and work strike to protest poor living conditions and medical care, according to sources inside the prison.

A prison spokesman would not confirm the reason behind the hunger strike, but he did say that inmates had raised concerns with staff members.

He did not go into detail about the complaints.

Sources say prisoners threatened to attack staff if a list of demands for better treatment was not met.

The spokerman said he was not aware of such a list, and the lockdown was lifted Monday, after inmates returned to the dining hall to eat.

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This was the report on Monday.......its Thursday today....whats being reported now. Not interesting enough Cannel 9 or are you just scared of what you really might find out?
Laraine in NC.

AND, after a week of not eating......wouldn't you return to the chow hall? I would! Its hard and these men are not animals! Even animals get treated better than they are being treated.To all who are opiniunated...I pray that this NEVER happens to you.
I truly mean that.
Laraine in NC.

To those of you who judge and don't know..the "strike" was not known by all inmates but you must go along with it if you are to live afterwards. It is about food being fed to them that says "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" and bugs in their food plus health conditions. My son is still trying to pass Kidney stones and NOTHING is being done for him! Anyone would strike about these conditions and the Warden and staff do know about the list and complaints!
New 9 needs to report the full truth!

My son is at La Tuna for a non violent, first offense conviction. Actually his Fed. attorney got him to take a please so that he would not be subject to manditory minimums of up to 40 years. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person but according to our makes him guilty and he is serving 5 years.Is this it isn't!!! To take a plea for something you know you didn't do is hard to swallow but it meant he would not be away from his 9 yr old daughter

No reply from Channnel 9 news to the editor that I wrote. I suppose he doesn't care and won't respond to my email either. That makes him just as guilty as the rest of the Prison staff as far as I am concerned. Investigating the news and reporting the truth is suppose to be the Bible that journalists live by...I suppose Channel 9 news lives by a different code of ethics.
Laraine in NC.

CHANNEL 9 NEWS!!!!! BE HONEST, you know all about the lockdwon and so does all the warden, assist. warden and staff know about THE LIST! Give us a break and investigate properly. Are the BOP's really going to tell the story truthfully? Of course not! Go into the prison and talk to the inmates....they will tell you and also if you!
Try and see how far you really can get then
Laraine in NC.

group of Mothers with a son in LaTuna. AND< they are part of your community because they are counted on the census and give YOU a larger count so you have a bigger say in Governement as to representation. Learn about your government instead of being so selfish and ungodly towards your fellow man.
Laraine in NC.

My husband is there and its like finding needles in a hay stack to get in contact with him, I have written to congress, the DSCC in Grand Prairie Tx, President Obama and yet no one seems to care. Now hopefully they will be exposed and the white house will take time to see what I have saying.

We Mothers and wives etc. must keep on this "bandwagon" and keep it alive for our relatives sake and all of the millions of prisoners in all the aweful prisons. I applaud you and I have also done the same. PLEASE TO ALL< DO AS WE HAVE DONE!
Laraine In NC.

This is going on in every federal prison In the United States. We as American citizen let our very own grovernment treat our young adults our family member's worse then animals at least there protected. Do you know that there are 206 mill. federal prisoners and 106 mill. are nonviolent drug offender, you & I are footing the bill instead of rehabing these people, They have created sheer maddness and a revolving door a little over half of them are drug ad addicts & the other mental health issue

People need to contact congressman's office to investigate all allegations that are occuring at that place. People need to come forward and do what is right. Where there is smoke there is fire. Usually when there are allegations such as this, there is almost always corruption going on by administration. If the Warden and his people are doing something illegal they need to be investigated, arrested and be placed in Federal Prison themselves. Taxpayers have a right to know the truth.

I would like to thank news channel 9 for caring enough to take the story especially Ms. Alvarez. You all did a wonderful job I enjoyed that this Fed. Institution is beginning to get exposed for it's unethical practice and safety measures. I use to work in a state prison. When you have a Warden who does not care, administration, and supervisors follow in his footsteps and almost always results in jeopardizing staff and inmate safety. I bet the Warden there doesn't even respond to staff assaults.

yes Peace u r right channel 9 did take the time to report this story. This is one of the worst prisons in the US. They have mentally ill people in with general population. They are told they can eat or go outside. Can't do both. Medicine not given to inmates. The prison doctor does not care what goes on with their health. I worry more about inmate safety then staff safety. This is not over. It will be exposed for it's unethical practice if Channel 9 has the courage to do it. It right there.

How sad that you don't know the real story. You have information from an prison spokesman. Do you really think they are going to tell you the truth? My son is there. I know what goes on there. What don't you take the time to do a little investigating for yourself. Or are you like a lot of other people and really don't care what goes on there? This is not over. Don't you people care what is going on in your own town?

So these inmates think they have it so bad that they need to go on a hunger strike. If I had any say in this, these punks would be in a tent camp somewhere in the middle of the desert. What's good enough for our troops, sure is good enough for convicts. Prison is supposed to be punishment, not a nursing home for criminals. To answer your question: I do care what's going on in my town; but I don't consider a prison inmates part of my community.

the second part of my reply got posted at top of comments in case you are interested.
Laraine in NC.

First off..your "name" is very appropriate! 2nd of all, our troops have it 150% better than anyone in our prison system! AND, the troops are using drugs too in case you weren't aware of that! So, they are not lily white...doing their patriotic job and I thank God for them.I wil pray to God that you oneday are not in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up in Federal prison cause it won't be one near your family or friends! I can guarrantee that just by being a MOther in a large group

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