Kitchen Cops Revealing Restaurants that Pass and Fail City Health Inspection

POSTED: Monday, July 19, 2010 - 10:36am

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 3:31pm

Every week city health inspectors set out across the city make sure restaurants where you eat are following health code. The good news is most are. But every week a handful also fail. The Health Department gave us the highest and the lowest inspection reports from May 30th to June 5th.

First on our passing list is Riyoma Japanese Restaurant at 2000 Lee Trevino. It scored a near perfect 94 out of 100 possible points. There were no major violations here. The inspector noted dead batteries in an automatic paper towel dispenser.

Next up is Julia's Italian Deli at 1550 Hawkins. It scored a 90. The inspector saw an employee only washing their hands for 10 seconds and not the required 20 seconds.

Now on to some of the restaurants that failed inspection meaning a score of 69 or below. First up is El Taco Tote at 7101 N. Mesa. It almost passed with a score of 69. The inspector reported they found beans in a refrigerator that weren't cold enough and rice on a steam table that wasn't hot enough. That's a serious violation because certain foods that aren't kept at the right temperature, hot or cold enough, can grow dangerous bacteria that can make you sick. The inspector noted a live baby roach in the boiler room, a dirty slicer and leaky sink. The inspector wrote that the floors, walls and ceiling tiles needed to be cleaned. A manager told us the problems have been taken care of.

Moving on now to Flautas El Portal at 12420 Edgemere. This restaurant failed inspection with a score of 65. The inspector noted shredded cheese in an ice bath that wasn't cold enough. They also found shredded cheese, Mexican rice and chicken without date markings. Paper towels were missing from a sink in the Men's restroom. The inspector found a broken thermometer in a refrigerator and the microwave was dirty.

Good Coffee at 1730 Montana also failed inspection with a score of 63. The inspector found beans and rice on a steam table that weren't being kept hot enough and a moldy tomato. An employee was seen handling shredded cheese, beef, onion, jalapeno, and tomato with bare hands. Paper towels were missing from a hand washing sink. Finally, there were dirty bowls. A manager here told us the problems were corrected on the spot and the restaurant passed a re-inspection within 30 minutes.

Finally on our failing list we get to Pizza Junction at 12520 Montana on the far East side. It scored a 57. The inspector reported beef and potatoes in a refrigerator that weren't hot enough and ham that wasn't cold enough. An employee was seen eating in a prep area. The inspector found a moldy tomato and noted flies throughout the restaurant. There were also several dirty utensils.

All the restaurants on the failing list passed a re-inspection and paid a fine.

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I have good and bad things about the Japanese Kitchen on Mesa, have you guys done a report on them? Or can anyone tell me anything about their cleaniness?

It would be nice if you'd include Las Cruces restaurants, too.

I watch Kitchen Cops all the time, and I have noticed that few Northeast restaurant are reported on the program; are all the restaurants passing or we are the step child?

We don't choose the restaurants we feature by location. We take the highest and lowest scoring restaurants during a week period. The locations turn out to be all over town. We've already featured several restaurants in the Northeast and I have no doubt we will feature many more in future reports. Thanks for watching!!

YOu can go here at anytime and research any restaurant within the county and view their scores and past scores up to a certain date. You be amazed how bad our food establishments are here.

Keep up the good work. Now if you can publicize a poll to see if the people of el paso would like their restuarants to display these scores in their window. Hopefully it will catch the attention of the elected officials.

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