Kitchen Cops Finds El Paso's Cleanest and Dirtiest Kitchens

Kitchen Cops Finds El Paso's Cleanest and Dirtiest Kitchens

POSTED: Monday, May 31, 2010 - 11:23am

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 2:04pm

Every week a team of city health inspectors shows up unannounced at hundreds of restaurants around El Paso.
Their goal is to keep you safe. The Health Department gave us the inspection reports from April 11th-17th. We took the highest and the lowest scores.

First, the Arby's on the 11000 block of Hawkins scored a 91 out of 100 possible points. Inspectors found just a few minor violation here, like flies in the kitchen.

Next up, Little Caesars at 6310 N. Mesa scored an 87. That's still considered a very good score by the Health Department. An inspector noticed two employees washing their hands for less time than the required 20 seconds.

Moving on now to El Terre Taqueria at 494 Kenazo which scored an 87. Inspectors found just minor violations here too, like a missing thermometer in a refrigerator.

Now let's get to some of the restaurants that failed inspection, meaning a score of 69 or below. First, Hong Kong Buffet II located at 1861 Joe Battle scored a 63. An inspector said food was being kept at the wrong temperature.
That's a serious violation because it can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can make you sick. Other violations included an employee not washing her hands properly, a moldy orange and tomato, flies in the kitchen and a dirty can opener and cutting board. This restaurant passed re-inspection.

Now on to La Catrina Mexican Grill at 317 Mills. It scored a 60. Violations here included sour cream that wasn't being kept cold enough, 3 used limes from drinks tossed in the bottom of a hand washing sink, moldy squash, no soap or towels at a hand washing sink and toilet paper was missing in the women's restroom. It also passed re-inspection.

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What happened to this show? Is it still active?

thanks kitchen cops! keep up the good work! We definitely use this as a resource before going out to eat!

I've heard some cities post a rating on the window of each eatery. I think something like that would be great in El Paso! That way, everyone knows the score of that eatery before they go inside.

I have been here in El Paso for three years and it's good to know that this has come into effect. Where I'm originally from they have this every night on the news and it's called Food4thought. It's good to know how clean a restaraunt is or isn't.

please also check the school cafeterias.

thanks kitchen cops for doing your job you are our heroes!!!!

Thanks channel 9 for providing us with this info!!! this way commercial kitchens owners will be more aware of their cleanliness amd give us better service.

please continue doing these inspections, Thank you! We need to know where we eat.

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