Humane Society Plans Pit Bull Adoption Fair

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 6:33pm

Hopes to "Demsytify" Breed's Negative Image


The Humane Society puts on some kind of special adoption event almost every month...but they've never tried one like this. A Pit Bull Adoption Fair.

Executive Director Betty Hoover says "This month we're promoting adopt a bull, which is a cute campaign because pit bulls can be trainable. lovable, kissable, huggable, adorable and certainly precious, like Boney here. "

Hoover says the Humane Society will offer pit bull adoptions partly to counter negative stereotypes about the breed. There is the occasional tragic story, such as the one in May, when a pit bull mauled and killed a little girl in a Las Cruces backyard. In a case like that, Betty Hoover blames the owners..

"If they're chained up and they're not socialized...their whole world that they know is that tiny area where they've been chained so they become very very protective of that area."

Hoover is wrestling a bone from Boney's jaws.  "We're playing, we're playing, she's not mean."

In case you've already wondered.. the adopt-a-bull weekend October 13-14 will include Boney, and eight-year old brown and white bull.

Pit bulls from eight weeks to full adults will look for good homes. The Humane Society says it carefully screens every dog, and any bull that seems at all aggressive is placed only in a home with no other dogs and no small children.

Hoover stresses, "We want everybody to be happy.  We want the dog to find a forever loving home...and we want people to adopt to find a new loving member of their family..We like to say we build families four paws at a time"

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