Homes in Tornillo Flooded and Damaged by Hail

Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 5:11pm

TORNILLO -- People in the town of Tornillo spent the day cleaning up quite a mess from a heavy hail storm that swept through the area yesterday afternoon.

Cleanup crews from El Paso County's Roads and Bridges Department could be seen all over town pumping out puddles of water in the streets.

But most of the damage was isolated to around 10 homes that were flooded in one neighborhood.

Eladio Bosquez, who's home was flooded, said all the carpet in his home needs to be replaced.

"We're taking the carpet piece by piece. I'm going to have to move all the furniture out of the way. It's going to be tough. I wish someone could help us,” he said.

Just down the street, a porch collapsed ontop of an SUV under the weight of the hail.

Homeowners said it could take up to two weeks to clean up all the mess, left by a storm that lasted only two hours.

Most of the flood victims don't have flood insurance.

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