Gas Line Ruptures at Stanton Elem. School

Monday, September 5, 2011 - 5:42pm

EL PASO- Students from Stanton Elementary School are at home for Labor Day and that’s a good thing because a gas line has ruptured at the school.

Rafael Garcia planned to relax this morning in his quiet northeast neighborhood, but instead his neighborhood erupted in commotion.

"I heard the sirens stop close to my house and when I stepped out of here I noticed that there were police blocking off the street and fire trucks further down the street," said Garcia.

Contractors on a landscaping job dug too deep, rupturing a one inch gas line at Stanton Elementary.

"That’s when I noticed the gas going up higher than the tree lines," said Garcia.

"Fortunately today was a holiday so there's no school and we didn't have to evacuate the school. There was a strong wind that was dissipating the gas so we didn't have to evacuate the immediate area," said David Rios of the El Paso Fire Department.

Nobody in the surrounding neighborhoods were asked to evacuate, but a few people on the school campus had to clear out.

"There was a maintenance supervisor that lives on site of the school with his family and they were the only ones that needed to be evacuated," said Rios.

Everyone got out safely, but Rafael Garcia kept a close watch to make sure his family stayed safe.

"I’ve got kids inside my house so if I needed to get them out I needed to wake them up and get them out of here, but they never came," said Garcia.

Firefighters say Texas Gas will be repairing the line. Everything should be fixed by the end of the day and Stanton Elementary should be on a normal schedule tomorrow.

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