Food Flash Cards Offer Parents Healthy Recipes for Kids

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 11:28am

Shannon Pappert says she sees lots of parents buying the best car seat, crib or stroller for their kids, but not making the best food for them. That prompted her to create "Food in a Flash" Boddler Bites cards.

"Boddler" combines baby and toddler.

"I just wanted to show parents it doesn't have to be difficult. We have to take back our child's nutrition, we have to take responsibility for that," Pappert explains.

They are alphabetical listings of healthy foods with recipes for each item are right on the back.

"It's really just re-training everybody that there really shouldn't be a kid food category," Pappert says. "It really should just be real foods introduces at a young age so we don't have to fall into a kid food processed category."

The cards show how healthy alternatives can be as simple as enhancing organic mac and cheese with butternut squash, pureed squash or cannelloni beans to boost nutrition. She encourages parents to let kids help make the recipes and to eat healthy in front of them. Shannon hopes the cards give parents or caregivers new ideas.

"I think everyone kind of gets in a rut, a food rut," she says " So these cards really give you an opportunity to explore new foods, even the parents get to explore new foods, so it's really fun for the whole family."

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