Fight Over Man's Ashes Rages On

POSTED: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - 5:33pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 9, 2010 - 5:44pm

EL PASO - In a bizarre scene June 21, police stopped the funeral of David Torres after his father got a court order requesting rights to his son's remains.

It ignited a battle between Torres' common law wife and his father over his ashes.

A judge ordered the ashes to be held at the funeral home, where they currently sit.

"He's sitting there at that funeral home," Liz Gomez said. "For how long? It's not right he's sitting there. He needs to be laid to rest."

Earlier this month, Torres' father dropped his lawsuit, paving the way for Gomez to claim the ashes.

But now, Torres' ex-wife has filed a suit on behalf of her two daughters claiming they have the right to their dad's ashes.

Its a fight that could drag on for several more months.

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Dave and his daughters were cheated with their time together because of one selfish person and it was not Barbara. Dave was given limits how long he could be out by a selfish a person. This selfish person took every belonging of Dave's and did not give his daughters anything to keep of his for remembrance. They didn't get to tell their father goodbye because of selfishness. Please give them the only thing they have left of their father his ashes! Their his little angels!!

Dave did not change because of his divorce or his family. Dave changed because Dave wanted to have a new type of life. In order to do this he had to lie and make stories up to tell his new friends. Barbara couldn't have bankrupt Dave or put him through financial stress. Dave didn't have anything for her to take. Besides if you all really new Barbara and Dave were stil friends until the last day! For god sakes they share two lovely girls!

To all of you who have been bashing Barbara and Dave's family. Do you really know the whole story why Barbara is the ex-wife and what Dave's family issues were? Probably not! You all only know what Dave told you. You have never met his family to know what issues they may have had. So you have no right to bash them. Have you sat with Barbara and talked to her NO! Dave is a dear friend of mine. Last few years Dave was not the same Dave the rest of us knew.

None of David's ex-girlfriends, former roommates should have a say in where he is buried, that should have been left up to his kids and father! It is very obvious that this particular ex-girlfriend likes the media attention this is bringing her. If she really cared about David's kids, she would have allowed his family to do the right thing when he died and there wouldn't be any bills for her to worry about today!!!!

So David was dating someone after he borke up with Liz... No common law wife there.

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