Federal Court Interpreter Found Murdered in Juarez


POSTED: Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 8:57pm

EL PASO- A U.S. Federal Court worker and UTEP lecturer is dead tonight.

Somebody kidnapped Jorge Dieppa and murdered him in Juarez. According to UTEP’s website, he lectured for them and also worked as an interpreter and translator for El Paso Federal Court. Mexican police found Dieppa stabbed to death 16 days ago, on July 6 - in Juarez.

His hands were tied and his mouth was covered. Mexican media is reporting that Dieppa went to Juarez to have his truck worked on. Juarez police say during his visit, three people, Victor Alfonzo Cano Molina, Lizbeth Nayeli Alanis, and Antonio Tarango Montes.

The three people and another suspect that hasn't been caught kidnapped him and then demanded a ransom from his family. Three days ago, police arrested them during a separate investigation and linked them to Dieppa's murder.

"At the time they seemed responsible for the death of a U.S. government employee," says Manuel Torres with Juarez Police.

Police say Lizbeth Nayeli Alanis told them she was Dieppa's lover, and she lured him in to be kidnapped. Police say Diappa recognized her and the family never paid the ransom, so the kidnappers killed him.

The FBI isn't commenting on Diappa's murder because it's their policy not to talk about active investigations.

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Spill over..How dare you utter those words..This is just murder,plain and simple. Who is next? Oh no, this is not spill over. ssshhh. cmoreno77, you are so on spot..My prayers to the family..Open your eyes people..

They take away his life and now someone wants to take away his honor and reputation.I knew him and his family for many years. He taught me God´s wonderful Word. He was a man of honor and respect; a good citizen, a wonderful husband, a loving father & a good friend. Avoid wrong judgements. Keep and set your mind on good things. I pray that none of you are ever in a situation like this of being the focus of evil.

I just don't understand how an educated person will put their life on the line to go fix a car in Juarez. How much was he going to save from such a foolish venture? There are lots of mechanics who could have fix his vehicle here in El Paso. Feel sorry for his family.

You don't understand until you are in the same situation. Nobody really know exactly what really happened and the details. Rather, pray, for the family.

Does this qualify as spillover crime in EPPD's records?

ssshhh no remember?? oh no its not spilling over...what a joke i know they just don want to panic people BUT its spilling over..it has been for quite awhile now.. the thing is to see just how long it takes for officials to aknowledge it!!!!!!!

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