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Family of Juarez Teen Killed By Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out

POSTED: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 11:57am

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 9:08am

JUAREZ -- A grief-stricken woman could be seen screaming, then falling to her knees in front of a Mexican federal policeman yesterday evening.

It was just feet from where the body of a teenage boy lay lifeless, under a bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez near the Paso Del Norte port of entry.

That woman later told Mexican reporters she's the sister of the dead teen, 14-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka, who was shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Maria Hernandez told us her little brother was playing near the river with a friend and a relative when he was shot.

"They came down here to play and he never crossed to the other side. He would never cross over,” she said.

Maria's brother, Omar Hernandez, also showed up at the scene. He says the border patrol agent shot his little brother in the head.

“They were playing up here and then all three of them went down there to the river. Then all of a sudden border patrol started shooting at them."

Now the big question facing this devastated family is why.

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To all the bigots hiding behind the so call *patriotic banner* out there. STOP using comparison as your main line of defense to disagree with people's point of view. Its pitiful and plain ignorant. You know who you are, oh" but Mexicans police shoot people everyday"oh "but Mexicans violate our Sovereignty every day" oh "but Mexicans don't respect human dignity" Bigots,The United State motto should never be compared to any other country lifestyle. Read,Learn and educate yourself.

The agent made no mistake. He simply defended himself from an attack and at the same time eliminated one more illegal. He should be commended for his actions.

This border patrol guy made a serious mistake, he will get twenty years in prison for this. You can not justify what he did, the guy could have taken cover and asked for back up. Some of these officers need to have extensive mental evaluations before porting a gun.

You weren't there so you cant say what really happened. Some reports say there was a group throwing rocks at the Agents. These rocks are the size of softballs. If you think these rocks cant do damage, i have some friends in the hospital that got hit in the head with these rocks that you cant visit.

In rebuttal to your idiotic comment. First off, let's be frank. The use of deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity as a last resort. Once everything else fails then only then is a justifiable homicide. It looks to me that punk number one was playing el gato y el raton (cat and mouse game)while punk number two decided to engage him in the game. Conclusion: both side are at fault. However, in the United States Punks with badges should always be held to a higher deg.

Why? Should I start posting the number of articles related to deaths and shootings in Juarez? First question should be to the parents, why is your kid playing in the river right on the border? It's no place for kids to be playing with the level of violence that makes Juarez the most dangerous city in the "world". Unfortunate, but the Mexican government should start doing a better job for their citizens and shootings like this might not happen.

That is true, but instead of criticizing his parents actions as if you were the most perfect parent/person in the world, you should take a moment of prayer for their loss as well as the things going on in our border city.

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