EPISD Principal Arrested for DWI

POSTED: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 5:10pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 2:26pm

EL PASO- The Fannin Elementary School principal has been arrested for DWI.

Gabriela Cortez was arrested at 3:28 a.m. on November 20th in the 5400 block of North Mesa.

EPISD has released this statement:

"Gabriela Cortez is the principal at Fannin Elementary School. EPISD was notified of the situation and took appropriate action immediately."

According to EPISD, Cortez is not on any form of leave. She remains the principal at the school. Details of her arrest are not available at this time. Story developing.

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I agree with deftincu! I myself know Cortez and I dont think she has a problem, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Those of you who have bad comments can just keep them to youreself becuase if she's a pricipal she obviously is educated for it haters!!!

That what this person needs. A friend that does not admit this woman has a problem. Too bad. Instead of helping helping her you are enabling her to continue drinking. After all YOU don't think she has a problem. Wron place, wrong time? Think again. She was not foced to drink and be where she was. Hater? Tell that to people that have lost loved ones because people like you were to ignorant to see the signs of a problem drinker. Some friend you are.

And just because she got busted means that she has a drinking problem ignorant! Im not her freind, i know who she is that's all...Also my respects to people who have lost loved ones because of drunk drivers, i dont know what the feeling is and hope that i never expirience such thing but come on really? Dont tell me ALL people who drive drunk get caught...1 or 2 percent out of 100 that drive drunk get caught. Why dont they close down liquour sales if you wanna go that far?

As a taxpayer,having a family member and a close friend being hit by a drunk driver, all I can say is Mrs. Cortez, Principal from Fannin shame on you! The district is in hot water right now and under a fine microscope with so many illegal issues, just one more to add to EPISD's horrible reputation. EPISD should fire the principal from Fannin. Mrs. Cortez, did you not just stand in front of your children and staff at Fannin and Say "NO To Drugs" during Red Ribbon Week? What a disgrace you are.

Does anyone know the details of this situation? NO! The only two people who know are her and the cop. In the state of Texas, you can have one beer and it is deemed too much to drive. Most people can function perfectly after one beer. Don't be too quick to judge. I'm sure most, if not everyone, who posted a comment have had a beer or two and then got behind the wheel. How are you any different? Just because you're not a principal? Just Think..YOU might be setting a bad example for your children.

Well...., Mrs. Cortez was arrested at 3:28 a.m., had been drinking and decided to get behind the wheel and drive. That should tell you everything. She had a choice to get behind the wheel or not and she did. She could have killed someone or seriously injured someone. Thank you to the El Paso Police for catching her and arresting her. The police have been arresting drunks left and right. Thank goodness she didn't KILL someone!

You are right. No one knows the details of what happened. Cops just stop people for no reason and cite them for DWI. Nevermind that she hit a curve and admitted she was drinking. One beer, two beers, maybe more? Heck, give her the principle of the year award by your standards. Go ahead and let her supervise your kids. That is your kids, not anybody else's. After all they are'n being taught any morals at home.

Sooo many people have driven after having a drink or two and have just been fortunate enough to not get caught. It's funny how we may know nothing about Ms. Cortez but are quick to judge. What she does in her personal life is her buisness and has nothing to do with her capabilities at her job. Perhaps we should do some self reflection before we are arrogant enough to believe we are some how better than someone else. Everyone has things in their past they are not proud of. Take time and thin

think about what you are ashamed of and what you would do differently if you could. I would have know problem placing my children in Ms. Cortez's school. Those of you who choose to throw rocks, remember that how you judge you too will be judged. God Bless Ms. Cortez and Good Luck!!!

What a great role model you make Ms. Cortez for your students and for your staff!

What does the "Legal Status" of the local population has to do with "Criminal Activity"? It sounds a lot more personal to me, and "Y'all" should not be used to generalize every citizen in El Paso as an Illegal Alien. Being a Veteran myself, soldiers must be psychological evaluated before even allow them to possess or carry any weapons. Honestly, the law does not discriminate anybody and this DWI case as well as the recent shooting tragedy will face their own consequences and punishment.

I for one hope EPISD makes her enter some program if she is to keep her position. This is disappointing seeing as how she is a elementary principal and children look to her for guidance. She should have thought about the consequences giving her position, but she is human and we all make mistakes. Good luck to her getting through this. @Lizzy,El Paso has a pop. of about 800,000, majority of that would be more than half,do you honestly think 400,000+ are illegal? Just saying.

we are all called to be merciful. Jesus says in Matthew 25:40 that “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.” Matthew 5:7 promises mercy to those who are merciful towards others. As spiritually dead and blind sinners, we are no better off than the two blind men in Matthew 20. Just as they were utterly dependent on Christ’s compassion to restore their sight, so are we dependent on Him to “show us His mercy and grant us His salvation” (Psalm 85:7

I can tell you exactly what is going to happen to Gabriela Cortez, as a principal in EPISD busted for DWI, absolutely nothing, unless Fannin has low test scores. I should know, having worked for the district several years under a principal who was also arrested for DWI in 2008 and continues to use unethical behavior at the only 2011 blue ribbon elementary school in EPISD, as a reprimand was never issued. Unlike, Cortez, he never made the news (paper or t.v) just the EPPD DWI homepage.

Wow! This is a pretty upsetting story, yet no one has commented on it yet. That's funny, because on every story pertaining to a soldier, people here are quick to write dirty comments about them. Y'all say it is only the soldiers in the news, NO IT'S NOT!!! Y'all just focus on those stories. If you read every story in the news you would notice that it is not majority of soldiers. People here treat soldiers like dirt, and majority of your population is illegal, ridiculous!!!!

Your comment on El Paso's population being illegal just reflects on the type of person you really are. I hope you are not a soldier or related to one because you are a disgrace to the majority of soldiers.

Educators have bad days too! Thing is she did not assault, murder, or kill herself like most of the stories about soldiers that make the news. Then you critize the population is illegal by saying "your", "You" dont have to live here!

What, just because she's a principle she has to be a saint too? Let the poor lady have a drink, lord knows she has a stressful job. Oh poor little soldiers just can't get a break except for all the benefits they receive from the government and everyone acting like they're owed something. Hey if I recall there hasn't been a draft since the Vietnam War, they enlisted voluntarily no one forced them, deal with it. By the way, were your ancestors Native Americans?

Also, I want to know what all these "benefits" are? I really can not help but laugh at your ignorance. The benefit your are referencing, our health care I believe. Sorry to inform you but we aren't the ONLY ones with these "benefits" if you work for state/government you are given free if not EXTREMELY discounted health insurance, and I think honestly that is the least that can be done, for them putting their lives on the line, for self-fish,ungrateful, ignorant people like yourself.

Nobody said she had to be a "saint", it's not wrong for her to go drink, what is wrong is getting behind the wheel of a vehicle INTOXICATED (which you seem to have missed). Like it or not when you take on certain job positions, there are things EXPECTED of you & things you just don't mess with.

You have a point Lizzy. I noticed that too. Maybe its because soldiers don't belong to the teachers union and are held to a much higher standard than most teachers. This woman should have been fired already. She is not much of an example to her students.

I agree lizzy with the first part of your comment but did you see the news yesterday about the shootings involving soldiers? Just asking since you seem to be ticked off at El Paso cause you feel we treat soldiers like dirt. I disagree with that statement. What we want is a safe community. Have you driven on the Liberty Expressway. I have and most cars with Ft. Bliss stickers drive way over the posted speed limit. God save America from itself, that school principal and YOU!

When you have a soldier that just shot and killed two people, a principle with a DWI is really not that bad!!! You are right, about everyone living here being illegal. We do feel your pain knowing that we are on of the safest cities and everyone here hates law enforcement!!

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