EPISD Assistant Principal Arrested for Assault

POSTED: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 3:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 3:07pm

EL PASO- The EPISD’s superintendent isn't the only district employee in legal trouble.
The assistant principal at Andress High School was arrested for assaulting her husband late last month.

Monica Ortega has been an assistant principal at Andress since September. Court documents show she and her spouse were arguing, when Ortega punched her husband in the lower lip and scratched him with her fingernails. The district says this is a personnel matter and is being handled administratively. Ortega is still the assistant principal for Andress High School.

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Well this is my school and sine the whole ortega thing. Another AP got introuble for "choking" a kid who didnt even belong on the school grounds. As far as im concerned not many of the students there are any better. We have fights people setting the trash can in the bathrooms on fire. People talking crap abput each other. A suicide at the school last year because he was diffrent from everybody else and they didnt even hold an asembly to talk about the dangers of bullying.

and a girl caught giving oral sex to a boy in the bathroom. The whole distric should undergo a change. The students and faculty.

I love miss ortega she mean but i think shes funny, i go to andress and im sticking up for her C: shes actually really fair.

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y is she still at andress?

Please postpone judgment until all the facts are in. It looks like it was a mutual exchange - - - that is, her husband collected a fat lip while she collected a pair of sunglasses, missing the right lens.

You all have no idea of what led up to that argument and/or how it escalated. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Not when your an Educator. Faculty and Staff is usually removed to central office until the investigation is complete. Sometimes school teachers are there for several months until they are cleared or dismissed.


She was my coach 10 years ago when i was at Morehead. I never had a problem with her, but she could get angry, like any human can. To those of you who think educators should be held to a higher standard, okay fine, but then parents need to be held to a higher standard too. Teachers are human. They're not perfect. Stop expecting them to be perfect emotionless robotic babysitters who are supposed to raise your kids to your individual specifications. Its your job to raise your kids, not theirs.

I think she should be dismissed as an AP or representing EPISD. Some people are saying its personal and she should have her privacy. Lets put the shoe on the other foot, if my child was fighting he/she would be dismissed, if I had a significant other that I was fighting with and it got back to authorities, CPS, the school administrators and everybody else would be in MY BUSINESS!! Let her have some time to herself to resolve these problems before she starts trying to regulate our children!!

well that a stupid response ..if you child were to get into trouble on school grounds yes he/she should be booted out but this incident happened in her own home not on school grounds..she's an excellent AP and neer had trouble with any of the kids

Episd will probably reassign her to a elementary school bc those kids won't recognize her. It's a shame the district keeps moving the problems around. If u screw up you move up!!! 3x the charm Monica you deserve to be humiliated by the press for ALL of ur assault charges, oh ya didn't someone file a restraining order on you too? Girl you can't always play the victim it gets old!!! Do a background check on this women don't have any pitty on her. She's beyond anger management it hasn't worked

Mrs. Ortega is an Amazing AP and She has always tried to solve problems diplomatically. She teaches the Students at Andress. its thanks to her that i graduated early and She WAS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME AND IM HERE FOR HER!! Leave her alone! Stop doing these stories about here! Shes Deserves her privacy!!!!

-George W. Longmire

She is an educator first and foremost, and should be held to a high standard. Yes, this is a personal issue, but if its not her first time doing this behavior, Anger Management classes are where she should be. The District needs to look into this see if any dicipline is needed. But judging from the Districts past, they will "REASSIGN" her to a "VACANT" position. Kinda like Liano at EPHS. I dont know who takes better care of their own problem employees, EPISD or The Police Dept.

that is the problem with el paso the man always gets away with everything and the woman always has tp pay the price.

She isnt the first or the last at EPISD. The Principal from Maggofin in 2006 got arrested for trying to buy sex from an uncover cop, yet today he is a Director at EPISD.

Has anyone checked her recorded at county court house to see if she has done this before??? I bet you she has.

BS stop spreading rumors

Sorry to say it but she does, all one has to do is look at her record (El Paso County Records). That is probably one of the reasons they arrested her and not him. Its a sad thing, but she needs some help which EPISD should provide her with.

She has a violent temper. A woman with her level of education should know better than to try and handle a situation punching out a person. Which fellow employee and/or student will be next to get punched out. It is not just a personal problem, it is a mental problem. She should get "treatment" for her problem.

This was a personal matter and there was no reason to be reported!!! She has never had problems at work and is well liked by students! The reporter should've gotten ALL THE FACTS before attempting to ruin someone's life!! It does seem that now they are trying to dig up as much dirt on EPISD to report! There are many many good educators in the district! Who are you to judge!!!

Ms. Ortega is now a liability for EPISD. Any parent or student can now claim she assulted them.

I have one child going to an episd school and I
am just sick to hear all that is happening with the teachers and staff.
I am considering homeschooling my child.It sickens me to know that these people are teaching or in charge of our children.
All i have to say is "SHAME ON YOU">

go for it one less kid wont hurt

How many assualt charges is she gonna have? Look at little closer it isn't her first or second offense! She has a problem and should not be working with our children

Was it really necessary for you to run this story?
This situation was more of a "personal" matter rather than a "personnel" matter with EPISD. Are you just sitting around trying to dig up dirt on anyone who works in education?

So if an educator rapes his or her cousin lets say outside of school, this too would be a personal matter; therefore, parents should not know about it? It would be hard to say which crimes are more important than others to report and that would be a mess. The thing is that she has an anger issue that could be a liability at school. She needs help and I believe that EPISD should act in order to protect against a future lawsuit.

It became a personnel matter because it's not the first time this women has been in trouble with the law or with the district for that matter.

Disenchanted, this is not a personal matter especially when these individuals work with children. If it was, we wouldnt require them to report these incidents to the school. She has a problem and she is working with our children. Lets get her some help and instead of hiding it. Its the best for all involved. Someone else on this blog mentioned this wasnt her first time.

of course you guys would release this story ..its Andress..anytime its Andress you always report the bad...why did this have to make news??its none of our business

This is her second arrest for domestic violence. What kind of examples is E.P.I.S.D. trying to set with these administrators?

thats to bad...she's really a good AP and all the kids like her..its personal and we shouldn't judge her

I don't get it. If she is the one that punched him, why does she have a black eye? I wonder if it could have been the other way around. Maybe she was defending herself...


we think alike, i also want to know why she has a black eye. her husband should be arrested also.

First of all it's obvious that both individuals had a physical alltercation, why was she only arrested? Don't judge, innocent until proven guilty. Her profession life is strickly and priviate is just that!

She has a record that might be the answer,

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