Election Judge Claims 23 Voters at Her Address

POSTED: Monday, November 5, 2012 - 7:41pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 6:49pm

"Where Are They Supposed to Vote?"

Cecilia Avila lives on the east side of El Paso..  Tomorrow, seven blocks away, she'll serve as the Democratic election judge at Loma Terrace Elementary. Her job is to assure that voting goes smoothly and fairly. But today we had a few questions for Cecilia Avila.  According to public  records, 23 people are registered to vote at the same El Paso address. Her address. I knocked on the door today and gave a woman my cell number asking Judge Avila to call me.  Within a few hours she did call.  She explained that 10 of the 23 people in question do live at her home and the other 13 live nearby.

We asked, "Do you believe that's proper?"  She responded, "well, no, but where are they supposed to vote?  They've always voted at Loma Terrace ."

County election commissioner Javier Chacon's office handles complaints of voter irregularities. I handed him the paper work , with those 23 names all registered at election judge Avila's address.

"That's something the voter has a right to put their residence at where they say they live is where they intend to register and vote."

To summarize, he says it's ok to register at an address that you intend to live at,.Then what about the 13 people who Ms Avila says used to live with her but have moved on to their own addresses and their own lives?  We asked her by phone. "Can you say with certainty that these people havent registered twice"? "No, they havent"  "At your address and at their own address/" "No, no, oh no."

As we said goobye the election judge agreed it might be a good idea in the future if everyone registers at their own address, "if its necessary."

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Never again should Avila be allowed to serve as an election Judge & Elections Administrator Javier Chacon should read his own Departments web site where it states "If you have recently changed addresses, you must register at your new address to vote in the current election." Sounds to me like a whole lot of shenanigans by Avila and then by Chacon. FBI where are you?!!! Come on News Channel 9 don't take Chacons word, check the county's election web site under Personalized Voter Information.

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