El Pasoans React to Gov. Perry's Day of Prayer

POSTED: Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 4:40pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 6, 2011 - 10:49am

EL PASO- This Saturday, Governor Rick Perry has called for a day of prayer and fasting for our country.
While this has drawn plenty of controversy, it didn't stop an El Paso Pastor from doing the same.

"We have the superintendent of the largest schools district who's been indicted by the FBI. We have a choreographer for Viva El Paso who just pleaded guilty to sex crimes. If that's not a good reason to pray I don't know what is," says Pastor Tom Brown.

Pastor Tom Brown has followed in the footsteps of Governor Rick Perry, calling on El Pasoans to join the rest of Texas in a day of prayer, this August 6. While Pastor Brown is no stranger to controversy, he says his call to prayer is anything but.

“This idea that we're supposed to divorce our faith from government it’s just, it's not part of our tradition," says Brown.

"Thomas Jefferson himself used the term separation of church and state," says Terri Burke.

Terri Burke is the Executive Director of Houston-based American Civil Liberties Union. Her organization has filed several requests with Governor Perry’s office, concerned that taxpayer money is being used for the prayer event. While they're still waiting for the documents they requested, the Governor's press secretary tells us no tax money was used.

"The only state resources used were to issue the proclamation and the press release, and to send letters inviting other state and national leaders to attend," says Lucy Nashed, Press Secretary.

“His goal right now is to get the nomination, if he chooses and keep attention on him," says Gregory Rocha.

UTEP political science professor Gregory Rocha tells us the prayer event could be a political move with the country watching to see if Perry announces a presidential bid. Here at home, Pastor Brown says the recall petitions he's organized for city leaders will be available, but that they won't overshadow the day of prayer.

“Well the petitions are always available to sign, no matter when the doors open, however, the focus is not going to be on the petition, it's going to be on praying," says Brown.

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Pastor Tom Brown is an Idiot.

You live as you judge.

As is our Governer. The less press these fools get the better.

If my people, on whom my name is named, make themselves low and come to me in prayer, searching for me and turning from their evil ways; then I will give ear from heaven, overlooking their sin, and will give life again to their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Amen, as a member of Pastor Tom Browns church, I will be there.......we need GOD, front and center....it's about time someone has had the gumption to stand up and stand on the WORD OF GOD!

Finally someone that isnt afraid to be honest & say the truth about something that's so controversial although true. USA has been blessed for so long & with so much because of the way that GOD has been included in our lifes. Yes wer'e not perfect people but by openly & knowingly we have GOD's name included we are recognizing that we are giving him honor & know that we need him. To those people that dont believe in him. GOD also gave the right to have that choice by letting you be born in the USA

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